With them stood the Army chaplain Jasper Shepard had known since his Desert Storm days. And then I woke up one day," she paused, swallowed hard, "and I understood. Outside, the NCIS agent has finished putting all the luggage in the trunk and once he's slammed the trunk shut, he gets into the limo and then drives off with both Jenny and Cynthia in the back. Gibbs nudged her a little, and she got up, flying down the stairs. She wasn't invited here. You've reached Jenny Shepard. "Neither did selfish, uncouth bitches," Jenny retorted. "Noemi – ", "Miss Jenny," Noemi interrupted politely. That's the best way to answer that question. "I know that," he snapped. She used the short drive to Georgetown to carefully make a mental list of what she needed to find out, and she kept reminding herself to keep calm no matter what and make sure they got this figured out. "You jumped my ass for not asking about her, and now you want to crucify me for showing some interest? He looked taken aback, and then cleared his throat. "Her name's still on the goddamn sale," muttered Jasper. "Noemi Cruz?" "No," she said hoarsely. It turns out that his actions while henious, did not result in Ziva's death as the team thought. Jenny became A.J. Instead, NCIS "miraculously" came back stronger and continued to attract more viewers with each season. We're not on call! snapped Jasper. "Jen…", The redhead shrugged nonchalantly, breaking off one of the outer edges of the roll. Jeanne agrees to perform the procedure to retrieve the heroin and, after doing so, stabs him with the scalpel. "Fine. "She showed up, and she just … she's worse than I imagined," she said, choking on her words. I'm not quite sure where this came from, I saw a Lauren Holly movie the other day("Before You Say I Do", I think), and then I watched Covert Affairs and thought how she sort of treats Annie like a little sister, and this little plot bunny decided to take up residence in the overflowing petting zoo in my head. "You spew all this shit about not wanting a baby in the first place, but you wanted her," he revealed. Anna ignored her and abandoned her juice box, and started to finish Katharyn's bottle. A.J. "I—I can't, Gibbs, honestly. "You've always helped me so much," she said, remembering when she'd first had Anna, and Gibbs had been deployed. AU Jibbs-ish, Jenny/OC friendship fic. At an airport in Washington D.C., it's all hustle and bustle as passengers get to depart or are just returning from various flights. 'Kay thanks!" Jasper looked at her, silent. "I told you we should get a dog," he said in a low voice. "Good boy," she teased, and then ran her hand over his neck affectionately. "I took the weekend off! ", "I'd already left," he said. He put her down, but put his hand on her head and turned her towards the picnic blanket. "You needed to cool off, anyway," she added a little dryly. Plot. she asked bluntly, her tone icy and unfeeling. He finds that it came from Homeland Security originally, though the trace goes through several countries before returning to the CIA's National Clandestine Service. Always has a knife, mainlines coffee. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. And I want you to feel betrayed, and abandoned, and rejected. "It's not me.". "You listened to me – Jasper, you're acting like you didn't fall in love with exactly who I am.". Jenny shrugged a little, her mouth still tight. "Did you," she began, fishing around for something, "get another meritorious service award, forget to tell me and skip the ceremony … again?". "My girls are my life, when I chose to have them, I chose to make sacrifices – I love them, and all the stress, all the annoyances, they're worth it because I wanted them – ", "You sound like a goddamn after school special," Kimberly hissed, writing her off. He knows why he left. "Heard that crack about Fitzgerald," he muttered, remembering when she'd first told him a little about her mother – ten years ago, in his Quantico apartment. he began, inquiring. Sounds like you've done enough checking out of your own." Jenny nodded. Anna peered at her cutely, and put her hand under her chin, thinking. Kimberly asked sarcastically. She put her hands on her cheeks and winced. "C'mon. She didn't leave to go to Georgetown particularly early, because she wanted to give her father time to enjoy his morning. "Malibu – you know the address," she added sarcastically. "Anna Abigayle Gibbs!" She ran her hand lazily over his chest, secretly relieved he'd convinced her to take a sick day from NCIS and leave her schoolwork until Sunday. "You like my daughter, Jenny," she said warmly.