After joining I immediately began to turn course. It is built on the #1 most important factor to surviving in this game, MANAGING RISK. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Phillip aka @TradeAddict  Great live calls by a great teacher. And I don't know how it works, but it works. I feel like everything is starting to click and as the result huge profit days are coming in and only risking small for each trade( this feeling is euphoria and I need to put it in control before I start doing something wreckless :))- Thank you that I found this community, everyone here is helpful and will call you out if you are taking bad trades or when you are gambling. I learned so much in this one week that i was in your chat than 6 months with those other services i joined. These are good for a new trader , because the new trader goal is not to make money right away, your goal is to preserve your capital to stay as long in the game as possible so that you can learn from all your mistakes. Hello traders. After singing “I want you awful now,” he suddenly breaks off, grabs a pen and writes down a new line. You’re a great teacher! I had my biggest week ever since I started trading with your group. The best way to describe LiveStream Trading is  no egos & no bs  – it’s a supportive community of friendly people that all help one another to become better traders. Hailed as “the most valuable screen share in the business!”. He doesn’t push any positions onto you, giving you the opportunity to manage your own trades based on your own plan. I’ve watched trading DVD’s, videos, and I’ve read books, but seeing an experienced trader explain his trades in real time is so much more helpful. Just log in and fallow their picks for the morning. A decision has been made — the lyrics don’t end up in the final version. More importantly, the guidance and customer service is as good as it gets. Don't miss Jeff Lane’s live stream concert on Sep 14, 2020. Great live calls by a great teacher. No B.S. Get detailed trade plans that are easy to follow and learn from. The best group of traders I have ever been a part of. Error: Access Token is not valid or has expired. Trading is a marathon not a sprint---Jeff at Livestream teaches you his system, which has helped him be a profitable trader for over 12 years. The patience and timing is impeccable. No fretting whether or not the trade is going to work for or go against you. Using the strategies you taught me, I made 3 trades this morning and I’m up $492.30. Learn to trade with a safe and systematic process that eliminates guesswork and emotions from trading using clear and accurate signals to follow and learn from in real time! I learned so much in this one week that i was in your chat than 6 months with those other services i joined. Your ongoing education is important to us. I feel lucky to have found and be a member of livestreamtrading. The screen share is our most powerful feature. He told me to watch some pre-recorded webinars to watch that was immensely helpful. I’ve learned insurmountable pieces of information in the group, taking your style and mixing it with my own. Jeff walks you through every step which is amazing when you first start. - Jeff will be on livestream everyday to walk you through the whole trading day ( Even when he is sick, he still dedicated to be there with his team even if he doesn't take any trade)- Before Jeff enter a trade, he will usually already plan out the trade and put down criteria for entering the trade ( this and this need to happen before the trade is valid - if -then ), he put his alert well ahead of time before the trade happen in the chatroom or on stream( you can take it with him or just watching it to learn) ( It not gona be a pump and dump where you enter impulsively right when the guru alert at the last second that he in and getting dump on right when you enter the trade ; you will know your entry, stop and exit before entering a trade.- Even though Jeff have a lot of member to take care of, but if you reach out to him personally , he will help and answer your question.- Jeff had been trading for more than 12 years + and been consistently making money using his system ( He should deserve more prop for being in the market that long and still making money till this day) - You should be aware of who your mentor is and whether their system is valid to trading.