I do have one question, though: how many bombs does this recipe make? Are you missing that Starbucks Vanilla Latte on a ketogenic diet? Unsubscribe at any time. Google+: www.plus.google.com/+MartinaSlajerova Use a hand whisk or food processor and mix until well combined. Step to Optimise Ketosis and Weight Loss, In a hurry? Hope you’ll like the recipe! I would recommend one tablespoon at first, then taste and add more if needed. These comments really inspired me flavor wise! I am fairly new to the keto woe. I cut my cream cheese into cubes. Apparently, only a small % of people are affected this way. I followed the recipe exactly. For peanut butter cream cheese bombs, simply replace the butter or coconut oil with peanut butter. Black Cherry is good too but I agree with you that raspberry is the best! About my apps and book: www.KetoDietApp.com Strawberries add some bulk to the recipe, I was wondering if you have to increase the amount of cream cheese in case you use just strawberry extract… Btw, I’ve developed a recipe to chocolate cheesecake fat bomb everything (that you can use as mousse, cake, or frozen treats) hope to publish it soon… it’s a huge hit in our family! I did the strawberry and can’t wait to try other flavors. Awesome recipe thank you. Why not try this recipe for NO bake 5 ingredient fat bombs low carb keto fudge brownie fat bombs. Hi! Personally, I would try with coconut cream. Erythriol and stevia are as natural as it gets, have a 0 gi and are not absorbed by the organism- perfectly healthy. Remember those fluffy jello desserts with the graham cracker crust that your mom made? You don’t get that cheesecake flavour, but they are still delicious and perfect for my niece who has cystic fibrosis and needs high fat snacks. The “off-taste” is accentuated. Some are very tasteless whereas some have a very prominent taste. Some people say the iodine in seaweed prevents hypothyroidism. I this it’s the same as coconut cream. Spoon the mixture into small muffin silicon molds or candy molds. I can’t even to find it. If you are looking for low carb recipes, this is what you should expect. We’re doing a Little Monsters theme and I’ve seen the small cheese balls they made that look like little monsters but they’re only the color of the cheese. So my question is can I use the same recipe except switch strawberries for something else? So many delicious recipes. An easy fat bomb recipe for keto that's made with just a few ingredients like cream cheese, butter, and strawberries. Use your cheese slicer to cut cream cheese ! But I’m very delighted to hear that you liked the recipe! If you’re on low-carb or keto for the weight loss, they both specify full-fat dairy. We’re trying to avoid sugar, and up our fat intake, and these little babies pack a fat fuelled punch whilst going some way to satisfy those cravings that can be such a struggle to shift. They still taste great but hard to eat.