May 19, 1986: Hired Doug Collins as Head Coach. “I probably have a softness underneath the toughness that enables me to feel for people,” he told the Tribune’s K.C. “I didn’t create this situation. He had previously boycotted the Hall of Fame in a show of support for former Bulls assistant coach, and author of the team’s famed triangle offense, Tex Winter. January 30, 1999: Signed Mario Bennett as a free agent. Every Sports Reference Social Media Account, Site Last Updated: Thursday, September 24, 4:28AM. November 4, 1993: Traded a future draft pick to the Minnesota Timberwolves for Jo Jo English. Overweight and sensitive about it, Krause had been the kind of kid who’d had trouble making friends.”. Krause’s tenure with the Bulls led by superstar player Michael Jordan included their overwhelming dominance of the NBA during the 1990s. Certainly, there was an overall sigh of relief from ballpark personnel when he left. “He grew up a little, fat kid.

Hence, “The Last Dance” season of ‘97-98, which also resulted in the final championship. October 23, 1986: Traded a 1989 2nd round draft pick (Chucky Brown was later selected) to the Houston Rockets for Granville Waiters. I wanted to tell them, when you want to ask him for your money, he won't be there. October 2, 1986: Orlando Woolridge signed as a veteran free agent with the New Jersey Nets; received a 1988 2nd round draft pick (Shelton Jones was later selected), a 1989 1st round draft pick (Stacey King was later selected) and a 1989 2nd round draft pick (Stanley Brundy was later selected) as compensation. Turns out, the answer is tough to find. “People who know me know I'm a puppy. Krause actually worked some magic to acquire Pippen in a trade during the 1987 draft. From the first six episodes of The Last Dance, we have seen Michael Jordan and other Chicago Bulls team members make many “tongue in cheek” comments about Jerry Krause. With “The Last Dance” documentary premiering on Sunday, the world saw how former Chicago Bulls general manager Jerry Krause longed to get credit for building the dynasty.

And he just couldn’t control that part of him that needed credit.”. “If we had not kept the Scottie Pippen thing as quiet, it never would have happened,” Krause said in an interview with The Vertical, according to September 27, 1988: Signed Ed Nealy as a free agent. February 19, 1998: Traded Jason Caffey to the Golden State Warriors for David Vaughn, a 1998 2nd round draft pick (Shammond Williams was later selected) and a 2000 2nd round draft pick (A.J.