“Look at my career, my whole career. Bernie Sanders vs Joe Biden: Vorwahlen der US-Demokraten - Bernies letzte Chance The former vice president campaigned for his party’s nomination as an unabashed moderate, often willing to attack Sanders and other progressive rivals as pushing an unrealistic agenda. Sanders, in a retread from his 2016 campaign, has proposed making all public colleges and universities tuition free. Sanders also proposes a long-sought “just transition” for fossil fuel workers and environmental justice for frontline communities. Joe Biden’s drubbing of Bernie Sanders in South Carolina sets up a two-person race heading into Super Tuesday, and Biden can now argue he’s … The next two weeks in the Democratic primary have everything on the line: The nomination, the opportunity to face President Donald Trump, and the direction of a party torn between its left and center wings. The former vice president’s comments immediately struck some on the left as alienating, given the partisan divides that were exhibited during the Democrat primaries. The idea you can be making a billion dollars or millions of dollars like Donald Trump did and acknowledge when he opened up a casino in New Jersey, they had to show us tax returns, he paid zero taxes. Norah O’Donnell Confronts Pence on Trump Health Care Plan: ‘Why Should Americans Believe You’ on Preexisting Conditions? I am not a socialist.”. Sanders favors a Medicare for All plan, guaranteeing healthcare as a human right by insuring people through the federal government rather than private insurers. Sanders argues that his plan will have no copays, premiums, or deductibles, and would be paid for via taxes that would ultimately come out to a smaller cost to employees than their current healthcare plans. Sanders, on the other hand, is seeking a break from the foreign policy establishment as a whole. The Trump campaign has tried to attack Mr. Biden as a “Trojan Horse” for policies favored by Sanders. I’m not a socialist.”, He further addressed the tax question, telling Murray “I’m not trying to punish to anybody, but the idea that 19 corporations making billions of dollars pay zero and taxes? The largest difference between Sanders and Biden is on healthcare. Biden, the frontrunner with 664 delegates after a strong Super Tuesday performance, represents the party’s business-friendly old guard and, in his view, a return to normalcy and expansion on the legacy of Barack Obama. That’s how I got the nomination,” Biden added, referencing his overwhelming defeat of Sanders following a strong showing by Sanders in several early states. Biden’s comments underscore the predicament the nominee finds himself in as he tries to lead a unified Democrat Party to victory this November. On Monday, Biden conducted several interviews with local media in Wisconsin, including with FOX 11 WLUK’s Kia Murray, who used her final question to ask the ex-VP about socialism and tax increases. Do I look like a socialist? And what did he say? Most notably, this was the case with Medicare for All, the signature healthcare policy of the Sanders campaign, which was adopted by most of the other progressives running. Former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders during the Democratic presidential campaign debate at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, January 14, 2020. CNN’s John Avlon Shines a Light on Trump Campaign’s ‘Deliberate Strategy of Serial Social Media Dishonesty’, Larry Kudlow Confronted at Briefing for Touting Pre-Pandemic Economic Data, Scolds Reporter for ‘Nitpicking’, ‘This Is My Country’: Rep. Ilhan Omar Blasts Trump For Attacking Her Somali Roots in Rally Remarks, WATCH: Cindy McCain Left Speechless When Confronted by Trump Tweet Dismissing Her and Her Husband, Pelosi Warns If GOP Rushes Through SCOTUS Replacement They Will Suffer Long-Term Election Payback: ‘Going to See 2018 Again and Again’. He’s also introduced a bill along with progressive freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar and campaign surrogate to essentially eradicate student debt from America, canceling all outstanding $1.4 trillion in it. By signing up to the VICE newsletter you agree to receive electronic communications from VICE that may sometimes include advertisements or sponsored content.