“You don’t always have great facilities, and the schedule can be very tight.”. John Cena has fulfilled many roles in his remarkable life – football player, reality TV star, pro wrestler, actor – but his first love is and always will be weightlifting. Tell any professional wrestler that what they do is fake, and if you’re lucky they will politely correct you and say that actually it’s scripted, not fake (and if you’re unlucky you might end up like John Stossel). Weightlifter, Muay Thai fighter, and lifelong Miami sports fan. Beth seems to have the stronger upper body though, with a solid 215lbs bench press. Wrestlers were far more cautious about making information about themselves public, always careful to maintain a distance between their real selves and their characters. He holds the record for most wishes granted for the Make-A-Wish Foundation with more than 600 and counting. “That’s the sole difference between me and someone who says, ‘Well, I kind of want to do that.’ You say you want to continue to raise the bar, what are you doing now to raise it? John Cena has a well balanced diet plan that provides all the nutrients along with the necessary amount of calories to maintain his health, body and to stay in shape. Cena learned the value of stretching, and it’s now a high priority (more on that later). It says a lot about Cena that he’s just as comfortable around seasoned military vets as he is around children stricken with serious illnesses. As his longtime trainer at his gym, Hard Nocks South in Tampa, MacIntyre has helped Cena transition his physique to fit whatever project he’s involved with at the time. SEE ALSO: John Cena Has Yet to Peak “I wake up without having to do a rolling technique in the morning,” he says. Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP/Shutterstock / Shutterstock. If you think of Cena as an athlete, movie sets are his field of play. Well a script may call for a wrestler to lift his 300lbs opponent in the air, but it’s not like you can simply fake it with CGI special effects. WWE Superstar John Cena Diet Plan and Workout Routine Introduction Who doesn`t know John Cena, "The "You Can`t See Me" and the WWE Superstar. Lauryn sports an incredibly impressive squat of 317lbs, putting her over 3 plates. In an interview with Jimmy Fallon he revealed that he asked for a weight bench when he was just 12 years old. By Philip Ellis He’s currently filming the Suicide Squad sequel. To MacIntyre, Cena’s new approach post-China was a necessary corrective. on. Here’s the complete list of powerlifting numbers: M: Big E – 750lbs F: Lauryn Williams – 317lbs, M: Big E – 575lbs F: Beth Phoenix – 215lbs, M: Big E – 806lbs F: Sarona Snuka (aka Tamina) – 352lbs, M: Big E – 2131lbs F: Lauryn Williams – 823lbs. But there’s no red carpet or entourage involved when Cena arrives, just camaraderie and iron. Just how strong are they after following the John Cena workout routine and pumping iron at his gym? Cena’s rise in popular culture has been steady but not glitch-free. “A lot of this stuff, I’ve been fortunate enough to do, but it comes with tremendous sacrifice.”. Here were the gym records he held at the time. “People will ask me, ‘What’s the best advice you can give somebody?’ They’re expecting me to say, ‘Well, bro, here’s the secret.’ The secret is commit. Be accountable for your failures. How does he find the time? Doing lower-body stuff?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, let’s squat.’ ” As with the Make-A-Wish children, he recognizes that he hasn’t had the same experiences as the veterans.