They also mentioned declining demand from South Korea, one of their biggest markets. And it showed that for once foreigners were net buyers of SA listed shares. We still believe that RNI doesn't see value in other assets, so they are using their cash to buy back their own shares.​. At the end of the first quarter of 2019, we must reset these expectations. The Johannesburg Stock Exchange is based in South Africa, where it has operated as a market place for the trading of financial products for 131 years. Economics, financial corruption and tax policy are among her interests. Since taking over the reins, President Ramaphosa has launched several initiatives to help reverse South Africa's decline. And  Gauteng is by far the biggest user of electricity (with it using roughly 25% of SA's power) , with KwaZulu-Natal being the second biggest user of electricity in South Africa (around 18%). Although activity in most of the JSE's asset classes was down, bond market activity (nominal value 21% up); currency derivatives activity (contracts 18% up); and commodity derivatives (contracts 7% up) showed good performance. The JSE offers a fully electronic, efficient, secure market with world-class regulation, trading and clearing systems, settlement assurance and risk management. With additional share buy backs this benefit will be amplified. But the size of the cut was so marginal the cost of implementing the cut probably outways the effect it will have on the economy. Management then identified various shortcomings in Ayo, including a lack of suitably qualified staff and inadequate financial controls. A pretty quiet day on the JSE yesterday. This is the lowest level since the 27 index points recorded in the second quarter of 2017, and before that, the deep recession of 2009. The JSE All Share Index ended the day higher by 0.23% and the Rand was trading at R14.28 against the US Dollar yesterday. • Currency volatility has positively impacted Bidcorp’s rand translated results. While mainstream news in South Africa was dominated by ESKOM and its loadshedding, the possibility of its imminent collapse, conspiracy theories regarding whether the crises is manufactured at ESKOM so that IPP's can get a foot in the door into power supply agreements with ESKOM, or sabotage due to SONA statement from the president of South Africa stating that ESKOM will be split into 3 entities, the news of a collapse of EOH's share price was to a large extent overlooked. a share and we do believe they offer long term investors an excellent entry point into a business with strong future prospects. We believe in the long run MultiChoice group will trade at a PE of  around 8, due to the struggling segment they are operating in. By far the most expensive cut of meat to braai being lamb chops and the cheapest being Chicken. The Group delivered turnover growth of 9.6% in the 53 weeks of the 2019 financial year. - Our Cloud business and platform business and the re-sale of Azure cloud offerings will be impacted in the short-term and EOH is in discussions to find a solution to ensure continuity of service and revenue streams. On January 31, 2020, Ayo gave notice that the previously-published reviewed preliminary results for the year ended August 31, 2019 had to be adjusted. The JSE Top 40 index is a fair reflection of what happens to the South African stock market as a whole because even though it contains only 40 out of the roughly 400 shares listed on the JSE, it represents over 80% of the total market cap of all JSE listed companies. The JSE Group wishes to advise that a member of staff has contracted COVID-19. Net sales/Purchases (2019):  -R2 712 590  000, Net sales/Purchases (2018):  -R603 843 000, Net sales/Purchases (2019): -R35.278 billion, Net sales/Purchases (2018): R16.034 billion. We still believe the South African Reserve Bank is well behind the "8 ball" when it comes to interest rates and South Africans should have seen a lot sharper decline in interest rates than a mere 25 basis points. The baseline outlook for emerging Asia remains favorable, with China’s growth projected to slow gradually toward sustainable levels and convergence in frontier economies toward higher income levels. But dont be surprised if on listing the price surges as large funds tracking the Top 40 (and dont have a lot of exposure in NPN) needs to buy the share to have it in their funds. See the full, The JSE All Share Index ended the day higher by 0.45% and the Rand was trading at R14.44 against the US Dollar on Friday, So yesterday news broke that Standard Bank is looking to cut jobs. • Management’s expectations for F2019 remain unchanged. Shareholders are advised that Pick n Pay Stores Limited (“the Group”) is in the process of finalising its 2019 financial results for the 53 weeks* ended 3 March 2019, which are expected to be published on 26 April 2019. Well market valuations have certainly come down strongly since late 2016 when the market PE ratio was around the 23 mark. We will just leave the following statement here. Improved momentum for emerging market and developing economies is projected to continue into 2020, primarily reflecting developments in economies currently experiencing macroeconomic distress—a forecast subject to notable. Massmart (Makro and Game) lost half of its value in a single year, while Truworths dropped 40%, Shoprite lost almost a third and Mr Price fell 23%. Food inflation remains relatively benign across most markets.