1% chance for Kayron, 1.05% chance for Shepherd of the Hollow. There was a problem activating your account. – S2 remove 1 buff from all enemies Strikes the enemy with a sword. *Red tiles mark the effective area of a Devotion Skill. Karin appreciates anyone who can give her extra turns or attacks, as she can multiply those extra turns with R&L better than any other thief. – ML Lidica is able to completely inflict max CDR preventing them from using skills with a base speed of 114. How to Efficiently Skill & Level up Pets! Rhianna and Lucianna is the best artifact that allows her to go multiple turns if it procs at the right time. Diene has the most consistent ATK buff uptime, but due to Karin’s extra turns, she benefits from having more than one ATK buffer on the team. – ML Lidica is equipped with a team-wide CR boost with a base speed of 114. Her kit goes like this: S2 crit with defense break -> S3 finisher. Karin will always do decent damage. However, she is entirely self-sufficient as a single-target nuker, since she automatically gets an extra turn after using Blade Art: Flash (provided it crits), she can immediately proceed to kill an enemy with Blade Art: Thunder. Copyright (C) GamePress All Rights Reserved. Likewise, since her DEF break only lasts a single turn, she will need her teammates to provide additional turns of DEF break to maximize her damage output. She does have very low defense, so you will definitely want to get some health or defense to beef her up or she will die easily. Character Tier List. Her kit grants her a lot of coverage that are sought after for openers. Helps you get that extra burst you need for taking down a target in PvP. Both S1 and S2 are optional. A critical hit will decrease cooldown for 1 turn. To this end, Taranor Guard is a good teammate, as he can push her turn into coming around faster multiple times in a row, and can serve as an extra DEF breaker (though his is still only one turn). – A target speed of 245+ and 85% effectiveness should be enough for her to perform her role. If you opt not to use the Rage set, the Destruction set is a fine alternative and will still provide good damage. You will be automatically logged in. Slashes the enemy. These can also be bought together for 1800 Skystones. Check out the. Her burst damage will come from S3. The suggested team is very good at doing all of these things. – She can AOE and CR boost at the same time (great with CDom) Disclaimer: We are NOT affiliated with this game, this is a fan site dedicated to the game. Excels in PvP by being a cleaver (needs good gear), Pairs up well with Aux Lots and attack buffers. Judith is equipped with a team-wide CR boost with a base speed of 117. ML Baal, Violin-Dizzy can dispel 1 buff with a base speed of 115. Nothing beats screwing the rules and taking a bunch of turns in one turn! A critical hit will decrease Defense for 1 turn and grant an extra turn. Blood Blade Karin has 3 skills. Here are some tips and tricks that I picked up from cleaving this setup: This set up consist of 3 DPS and 1 Support, DJ Basar S3 can fully cleanses your team from harmful effects if Basar gets outsped, DJ Basar S3 also gives all allies 3 turn immunity which protects your team from being provoked by a counter, Guided Aither can soften 1 target and give an attack buff to all allies, Judge Kise and BBK can simply overwhelm the defensive team with raw their raw DPS, The main appeal for this comp is the absence of a “defense break” requirement for cleaving durable stall comps, Desert Jewel Basar build can be used on both offense and defense as well as all content, Desert Jewel Basar is extremely hard to get, Very high gear investment is a must (High Crit/Speed), This exact team composition will be difficult to recreate, This specific team comp will be countered by Moonlight Ken. Her amount of coverage allows her to be extremely versatile, making her a hero of convenience. More information can be found on our Skill Multipliers page. Karin cannot do this, as all of her damage is single-target. – ML Lidica can AOE dispell 1 buff with a base speed of 114. Karin gets exponentially better as her crit rate and artifact skill level increases, since they work together to make her a consistent unit. She requires heavy investment to shine. This build maximizes critical hit damage and pushes crit chance to 100% to improve Karin’s consistency. Karin is embroiled in an endless battle against the will of a cursed magical sword, compelled by its power to cause trouble. In PvP, she can be used as a cleave unit to either clean up or start the battle to weaken enemies. Second Lieutenant in the Public Security Club of Reingar, Karin struggles to maintain order in the Magical Academy, a place brimming with dangerous creativity. A critical hit will. Mind you, this does not make her weak at all due to her wide coverage as an opener. Buffed BB Karin in the Arena vs Arbiter Vildred: Keep in mind the examples below, BBK is extremely decked out with good gear. (atk*0.7+hp*0.07)*1.871 Two separate sets of unique buffs it pulls one from: 1. atk up, speed up, crit up, crit dmg up, continuous heal 2. def up, evasion, debuff immunity Showtime