21:31, 18 November 2011 (UTC). Notification about working of Courts from 01-06-2020 as per the SOP of High Court of Karnataka. NEW SOP- District Judiciary dated- 12-06-2020. Many a conversation over rum and snacks with a local will end up with the description of leopards and tigers entering estates and carrying off the livestock and pets. Hi, This article is being vandalised on daily basis, the anon ip has been already twiced warned and again today i left the msg on his talk page. Can anyone tell us if the name is officially changed ?Arunk17 05:02, 30 September 2006 (UTC), No. Contact Details of CMO of Kodagu unit . The district is a captivating site in the monsoons as mist envelopes the higher reaches of the forests. Today, the Coorgis have a proud and continuous legacy of contributing to the various wings of the Indian Armed Forces. can i upload the same ? I have found content for some of Kodagu's orphans, the problem is that I found more than one version. The present title at least lets us know that the article is geographical: not literary, linguistic, or whatever else. Kodagu District is one among 30 Districts of Karnataka State ,India. Notice regarding extreme urgent matters during closure of courts till 14-04-2020. One of the things I do is look for content for orphaned references in wikilinked articles. The unsubstantiated theories have no place anywhere with encyclopaedic pretensions (unless they are examples of thinking without evidence). Hello. Local wildlife also includes an abundance of wild boar, which the Coorgi’s love to hunt. Coorg is a largely mountainous area, falling on the eastern slopes of the Western Ghats. The highest peaks of the district are Tadiandamol and Pushpagiri, which both top the 1700 metres. —cyberbot IITalk to my owner:Online 01:20, 18 October 2015 (UTC). I have just modified one external link on Kodagu district. Circular- Regarding Dress code for Advocates at District Judiciary in the state. -- Arvind 23:53, 29 September 2007 (UTC), I'm copyediting this page, and there's one sentence that I'm taking out which refers to a threat that globalisation poses to the region. Kodagu District population is 554762. New SOP -District courts dated 27-06-2020. Wildlife is part and parcel of life in the Kodagu hills. AnomieBOT⚡ 03:48, 15 October 2011 (UTC), This article was moved as above without discussion. As far as I can make out, it is just somebody's fancy and probably originate in those Kodava who would like to think of themselves as a little bit European. This message is updated dynamically through the template {{sourcecheck}} (last update: 15 July 2018). Located in the Western Ghats of south-western Karnataka, it can be pictured thus: miles of undulating topography carpeted in green covered with a misty veil, thickets of bamboo, sandalwood and rosewood forests. Hence I've removed it from references; though there may still be material that is not supported except on this website. I apologize if any of the above are effectively identical; I am just a simple computer program, so I can't determine whether minor differences are significant or not.