In real world applications, the readers should only be able to read. You’ll notice that only the manager is listed. While we can access Keycloak using localhost, Kong will not be able to do the same. Log in as the user you created in Keycloak earlier, and you should be redirected to the original page you requested. Second — Start database for Kong — there is two option database : Postgres or Cassandra. Kong’s admin API is exposed on port 8001 and the gateway on port 8000. And no need to reinvent the wheel. →. In order to create an api key, we will use Kong management apis to create a consumer object. Apart from fetching and listing, our consumer can also create, update and delete resources. You can also schedule automated snapshots of your Kong instances. Make sure you do not expose these api endpoints publicly for your live projects. Konga is a fully featured open source, multi-user GUI, that makes the hard task of managing multiple Kong installations a breeze. Kong effectively becomes the entry point for every API request. Record that value and use it for the next command as ${service_id}: Finally, let's verify we've set everything up correctly: This section will focus on setting up Keycloak. Let’s take a quick tour and explain some of the core concepts in a nutshell. By the end of this tutorial you will have working Kong setup; new service and route for public api and api key security implemented. Due to the --rm flag, this service will be torn down after the command is run. Once you save, a new tab, "Credentials" should appear on the details page. We can do this one of two ways (that I'm aware of): Open the file with your favorite text editor and populate it with the following contents: This will install the kong-oidc plugin on the the kong:0.14-centos image. Kong Gateway The world’s most popular open source API gateway. The areas of interest for this section are circled below: We'll be running through the following steps in this section: Note: it is not a very good api security practice to rely on api keys alone. Amazon API Gatewayとは? 1でご紹介したAPIゲートウェイを提供するサービスの一つに、「Amazon API Gateway」があります。この「Amazon API Gateway」についてわかりやすくご紹介いたします。 a) Amazon API Gatewayの The OIDC plugin needs three pieces of information to hook up with Keycloak: the client ID, the client secret, and the discovery endpoint. For the easiest installation, we use docker, and for this tutorial is required to have basic knowledge docker. Kong api gateway has the concept of services and routes. Services define the connection to the backend service. Automating Kong api gateway setup with Terraform, Access to Debian Linux server. For example (Warning: IP might very different for every machine), API server that is live on server, And set the service host to, and path /api/v1/customers, So, when client request to kong (in this case kong is live at localhost:9000) with path route /api/v1/customer : in complete client request http://localhost:9000/api/v1/customers , Kong will proxy it to Click on that. The only extra step we need to take, is to add this consumer to a group . 2. If you open the connections page, you’ll notice that a connection to the previously created Kong instace is already there but not yet active. It allows to simply create and delete virtual machine droplets for testing and the proof of concept work. Both of these underlying technologies provide Kong with the high throughput and low footprint foundation. Below is a diagram of what we're trying to accomplish: We'll flesh out this diagram in the next post with how the applications communicate with each other, and the order in which they do it to implement OIDC. Built on top of Lua and NGINX, Kong can is a high-performance gateway that can be elastically deployed behind the firewall to secure, protect and extend RESTful APIs and Microservices via Kong Plugins.In a container world APIs are becoming increasingly more important as acommunication medium - inside and outside the firewall. To add a user, click the "Users" tab on the left sidebar, then click the "Add user" button on the ride side of the window. Get Started We cover more advanced Kong public api security topics in other tutorials. Kong supports file based configuration which is maintained in kong.conf. Compatibility. Insomnia API Design and Testing. Like before, we will need to prepare Konga’s database by starting an ephemeral container. After submitting, select the eligible consumers tab. In the plugin form, type the name of the managers group, hit enter and submit. Works great on desktop browsers, as well as mobile devices and tablets.