He was the second wrestler to use the La Parka name and is not the original La Parka, who wrestled in WCW and has wrestled as L.A. Park since 2003 due to AAA claiming the copyright for the name. On Saturday, Jan. 11, AAA owner Marisela Pena announced via social media that longtime AAA star La Parka – also known as La Parka Jr., La Parka II and La Parka AAA – passed away at the age of 54. He is not the La Parka who wrestled in WCW and is now LA Park. The news of his passing was confirmed by AAA, CMLL and LuchaBlog. On Twitter, La Parka called himself, Luchador de la Empresa AAA or AAA Company Fighter. He was 56. Please help us serve you better, fill out our survey.

Descanse en paz pic.twitter.com/JNtTYKOlwG, — Lucha Libre AAA (@luchalibreaaa) January 12, 2020.

Park Jr.”; presented as a son who decided to follow in L.A. Park’s footsteps and become a professional wrestler.

He was a Mexican luchador enmascarado (masked professional wrestler), he was working for Major League Wrestling and best known throughout the world as La Parka, especially from his many years in the American World Championship Wrestling (WCW) promotion. There were reports of Escobaza’s death that were falsely put forth, and AAA had to refute these claims as it seemed like the wrestler was on the path toward recovery for his injuries. AAA's La Parka passed away tonight. — luchablog (@luchablog) January 12, 2020. Prior to his passing, he had been gradually regaining feeling in his arms and legs.

Please note this page is for Adolpho Tapia, the first person to use the La Parka gimmick, for the second person to use the La Parka name, for the second La Parka see La Parka II Adolfo Tapia Ibarra (November 14, 1965) is a Mexican professional wrestler best known as La Parka.

AAA’s La Parka II Passes Away After Never Recovering From In …

Adolfo Tapia best known as La Parka was a 57-years-old Mexican luchador enmascarado, has died suffering major health complications after a spinal injury from a mishandled suicide dive back in October at a show for KAOZ. This is not the WCW La Parka, who is now LA Park, to be clear pic.twitter.com/5umEsL2ISS, — CauliflowerAlleyClub (@CACReunion) January 12, 2020.

During the event, Escobaza dove out of the ring while performing a spot against his opponent Rush, missing the target and collided with the steel barricade and the concrete floor instead. We are very sad to report that our friend and idol of Mexican wrestling Jesús Alfonso Escoboza Huerta “LA PARKA” has passed away. La Parka is one of the bigger recent stars in Mexican wrestling, the symbol of AAA. Among his winnings are the Copa Triplemania, the Copa Antonio Pena, the masks of Cibernetico, Gigante Drako, Halcon Dorado Jr., and Muerte Cibernetica, besides being the top winner of the Rey de Reyes tournament.

Con mucha tristeza lamentamos informar que nuestro amigo e ídolo de la lucha libre mexicana Jesús Alfonso Escoboza Huerta "LA PARKA" ha fallecido. Click here for our privacy policy. Unfortunately, Escobaza never bounced back from those injuries and the world of pro-wrestling lost a very talented star.
Adolfo Margarito Tapia Ibarra was born on 14th of November 1965 in Querétaro, Mexico. AAA has announced that the current La Parka, Jesús Alfonso Escoboza Huerta, passed away on Saturday night at the age of 56.

As reported by Luchablog on Twitter, Lucha Libre wrestling legend LA Parka passed away at 56 years of age. Con mucha tristeza lamentamos informar que nuestro amigo e ídolo de la lucha libre mexicana Jesús Alfonso Escoboza Huerta "LA PARKA" ha fallecido.

On the night of January 10, he had renal failure, so it was necessary to return him to assisted breathing. We extend our support and condolences to his whole family and raise our prayers for his early resignation.
He did eventually gain the ability to communicate and regain some feeling. LA Parka was one of the biggest recent Mexican.

Huerta was the second La Parka, taking over after the original (best known for his time in WCW in the 90s) left AAA and now wrestles as LA Park.