Sponsored products are clearly disclosed as such on website pages. We've gone with its cheapest plan as our best pick. We help you compare a selection of the best products, plans, and services available, and earn transactional click fees for some provider site referrals. This table includes products with links to a referral partner. Enter your address (e.g. Track your credit score, free Great for homes with multiple people sharing the internet at the same time. The equivalent ‘pensioner’ Telstra Home Phone Essential on the NBN – is the same cost as the old copper one. We will confirm your actual speeds after connection if that is the case. If you're unsure about anything, seek professional advice before you apply for any product or commit to any plan. With other providers, you're likely to get only 1GB for $10/month, but TPG's comes with 6GB which is handy to have. As long as internet activities remain moderate, Telstra’s plans have options that will cover the needs of most seniors. By providing you with the ability to apply for a credit card or loan, we are not guaranteeing that your application will be approved. It's not just tech-obsessed teenagers who want the latest and greatest when it comes to phones. Or one with all the bells and whistles? However, if it doesn’t prove to be enough, Telstra allows seniors to switch between plans without incurring fees at the end of the month. Belong: Is actually owned by Telstra, and is an extension of its discount broadband brand.Belong Mobile is about simplicity, and has a choice of three easy plans. Eventually home phones will no longer work on the copper network in most areas. The table position of a Sponsored product does not indicate any ranking or rating by Canstar. Guide To Australian Phone Plans - FREE Download, Cheap Plans – Australia’s Best SIM Plans Under $30, Australia’s Best Prepaid Plans With Lots Of Mobile Data, Phone Plans With International Calls Included, Best 12 Month Contract SIM Only Plans in Australia, Family Plans – Phone Plans With Family Features, Best Phone Plans for Seniors – Review and Comparison, Australia’s Best ‘Kids’ Plans – Why Your Family Needs One, Top Tips: How to choose a mobile plan and telco. With unlimited calls to Australian numbers including mobiles, you can call who you want, as often as you want. Min Cost - $2,016 when you stay connected for 24 months, and may change if the month-to-month plan price changes. The attempted connection charge is $1.50. The tech giant’s initial response to calls for bundles better tailored to seniors was the Telstra Senior Bundle – although this has since been removed. We've preselected a couple of easy-to-use phones in the table below, and you can click the 'filter results' button to customise your budget and inclusions. Stream HD movies and TV. This is a great plan for those who aren't looking for a lot of data, and just want unlimited calls and texts for half the year. Even if you want a connection with all the bells and whistles, it still pays to know you’re getting it for a good rate. As you'll know if you're an older Australian, it's ridiculous to assume that you don't have the same range of needs when it comes to phones and plans as anyone else. Source. We try to take an open and transparent approach and provide a broad-based comparison service. Browse the latest home phone and landline plans and rates from Telstra, Australia's largest and most reliable communications provider. It’s clear that there are a good number of factors to consider when choosing a broadband plan that fits your needs as a senior. NBN has come, and the only offers she has are for plans over $60 per month. But we are going to include a bundle or two in this guide because sometimes the value they offer in other areas makes all the difference. Last audited 09 September 2020. activ8me Sky Muster 150GB Plan. There are a lot of factors involved in getting a good connection, and some (like the number of people online in your area) you just can’t control. 40¢ per call for extra calls. It's hard to beat Vodafone when it comes to the best mobile plan for travel. While many seniors and pensioners will be looking for a cheap and cheerful prepaid option, you may be more interested in getting your hands on a shiny new smartphone, with the iPhone 11 typically the most sought-after device. Australia is one of the few first-world countries that still has data caps on broadband plans. The plan’s Essential bundle, which comes in at $70 per month, provides a home phone line, a Telstra Smart Modem™ that enables wireless connection throughout the home, a broadband connection with 100GB of monthly data allowance on the NBN25 tier, plus more.