The controls and isometric perspective nearly bring down what could be a great game, but Landstalker is still an adventure worthy of your attention. Landstalker is a game that almost defies description. The fact that nearly the only similarity between the two is the fact it stars a blonde elf is a significant positive for Landstalker.For better or worse, Landstalker is not a middling Zelda clone. Imagine the imprecise and annoying platforming of Super Mario RPG on the SNES, but actually add in a lot of penalties to it, and you have Landstalker's platforming sections in a nutshell.Isometric maps are not real "3D" space, and they therefore have little indication of depth and position. There are a small number of other, special items which will help ensure you find 100% of the locations and items, such as a bell that rings when Life Stocks are near, or a special stone that tells you how much of the game you've beaten. Nintendo Says Its Next Console Is Going To Be V... Random: Switch Owners Are Discovering Just How Frustratin... Switch Owners Can Claim A Free Game This Weekend If They ... Random: Super Mario 3D All-Stars' Cartridge Is Rubbing Pe... Is Your Copy Of Super Mario 3D All-Stars Crashing? I'll have to try it out. "I keep sending scouts there, but somehow, they don't seem to return"The world of Landstalker is basically an over-world littered with dungeons. Made by one of the early stars of Sega's development teams, Landstalker was Sega's answer to the Legend of Zelda. You get stronger based on ... Read Full Review, This is one of the few games that is truly amazing. Have time to listen to a story? This is why, when the game asks you to jump perfectly into floating one-space blocks, its actively wasting your time.Several times, especially nearing the end of the game, Nigel is required to go through platforming sequences that are made more difficult due to the isometric view and non-conforming control scheme.Mostly, this adds more time and frustration to the game. It's pretty much standard RPG stuff. Starting with an opening credit sequence where Nigel (the main character) does his best impression of Indiana Jones, the game continues on with a theme of adventure and comedy that it manages to retain throughout the game.Usually, at that time, it was enough for a game to have a story, regardless of quality. An instant classic - any fan of the Zelda games or action RPGs in general will adore this game. He instantly arrives at the location (as Friday knows it), but after activating a boulder trap, Nigel falls into a river and ends up in the lands outside the cave. "Besides the platforming flaws related to the isometric view, Landstalker does little wrong regarding its presentation. Such a strange niche in gaming history. Get the latest news and videos for this game daily, no spam, no fuss. You, a master s... You're a soldier in the army of the Lord. There are some good tunes here and there, and for the most part, everything fits the area it plays in, but there's nothing really stand-out except for the game's overworld themes (of which the second one, which you hear later in the game, is absolutely fantastic). In the game you are Nigel, a treasure hunter who rescues a fairy called Friday from a band of thugs trying to catch her. Back in time, this was the answer that Sega and Climax provided to Nintendo's Zelda. Coupled with the labyrinthine late game dungeons, this makes the last quarter of the game a slog to go through. '', but I had more to learn about Nigel. The game's worst moments are easily related to its more obtuse platforming challenges.It is actually surprising that an isometric game even attempts to cram in as much platforming in it. That is mostly due to the detailed and colorful sprite design.Everything, from the background objects to the player character, is well-drawn and animated with experience. Because the game takes place in a "3D" isometric space, the traditional directional buttons do not work well in the game. Battles are rather hard sometimes - Landstalker wastes no time throwing the tough monsters at you, as you encounter them almost right away (You will be surrounded in the first dungeon by three tough Orcs in a very small space), so save frequently and stock up on items! Landstalker is huge and complex... Read Full Review, I thought this would be like an isommetric-viewed Zelda game, but boy, was I wrong! You are a thief who tries to help a fairy named Friday. Explore the inner regions of a modern city as you endeavor to collect the F... Townsfolk cower in fear as legions of deadly monsters invade the planet. For Landstalker on the Genesis, a reader review titled "". Looking to play a sleeper hit from the 16-bit era? Hold on there, you need to login to post a comment... Review Ori And The Will Of The Wisps - This Xbox Classic Is A Must-Have On Switch, Review Othercide - A Challenging But Ultimately Rewarding SRPG, Review Bake 'n Switch - A Fine Multiplayer Adventure Which Needed Longer In The Oven, Review WWE 2K Battlegrounds - A Disappointingly Poor Wrestlefest, Mini Review Mini Motor Racing X - A Bite-Sized Appetiser Between Rounds Of Mario Kart. The cartoony graphics fit the game nicely and the varied textures and level design works nicely to give a great sense of worldliness.