When Kangaroos doctor Con Mitropoulos saw Leigh Colbert walking out of Richmond's Epworth Hospital a fortnight ago, he was not completely convinced. Geelong premiership forward Cam Mooney, who previously nominated Glenn Archer’s performance in the 1996 Grand Final as the toughest he had ever witnessed, says that retiring Hawthorn star Luke Hodge is without a doubt the toughest player he ever lined up against. Pears felt abdominal pain following the loss and after alerting club doctors at Saturday's recovery session, was having surgery by 3pm that day. I have a great family around me and you certainly realise who your friends are and what is important in life.". "It was an agonising pain," said Mitropoulos. 1202 MORENA BLVD STE 300 SAN DIEGO, CA ZIP 92110 Phone: (619) 276-8112. When Colbert's condition had not improved after 12 hours it was decided he needed surgery to drain the extra blood off the pancreas. Across a decorated career that spanned 241 games and two premierships, King played with some of the game’s toughest competitors, including Glenn Archer, Anthony Stevens and Wayne Carey. ", A rare injury now, Colbert believes that with the pace of the game such injuries may occur more often in future. “When Colby came back we played Hawthorn and his first act of that game was to run back with the flight of the ball, at full speed, and go up to take a high chest mark in which he left so much of his upper body exposed,” King told SEN’s The Run Home. The doctor was not so sure. Ms. Jaimie Leigh Colbert accepts Medicare-approved amount as payment in full. "He will be intensive care for three days. He's a tough kid but he started to get abdominal pain late in the evening of the game, and he was operated on yesterday. To miss the ribcage and hit right in the middle of the tummy, that is very unusual; it has to be timed perfectly.". "It needed to be timed perfectly and unfortunately for Leigh, it was. Sorry we couldn't find a match for that, please try again. Loyalty runs both ways. But by then, Colbert had stopped vomiting and even the defender thought his condition had stabilised. Colbert played 209 games for Geelong and North Melbourne before retiring in … “He is genuinely one of the greatest players I have ever played against,” he said. "It is disappointing that such an innocuous bump can see a player like Leigh miss the rest of the season." This is also known as Online Behavioural Advertising. Colbert played 209 games for Geelong and North Melbourne before retiring in 2005. Pears took the competition by storm last year, placing third in the AFL's Rising Star competition. It could have been worse for Colbert, according to Mitropoulos, who said the medical results since the surgery had been good, and there were unlikely to be ongoing health issues. A courageous player used to the hits and bumps of football, he thought it was just another of football's "heavy knocks". "At that stage I didn't know that I had something serious. It all happened on the night that Jason McCartney made his return to - and departure from - AFL football and Colbert's departure from the field was overshadowed by other emotions. "Losing 10 kilos at such a quick rate, I really found it difficult to digest my food and that is probably the main thing the pancreas does, it creates enzymes to digest food, as well as produce insulin. “It was the most inspirational thing that I have seen on a football field. Thankfully, surgeons found his pancreas was bruised rather than torn, which would have meant a much longer recovery. Reserved, who previously nominated Glenn Archer’s performance in the 1996 Grand Final as the toughest he had ever witnessed. "I was fortunate enough a young fella there had a mobile phone there and I could listen to the game, as well as getting some scans and some shots of morphine," he said.