But we would want you to hold onto your hard-earned money and wait for a year more as the 2022 Lexus NX 300 will be a new generation with a multitude of upgrades. For the Base price of $37,510, it is the least expensive SUV in the segment, even when its top-of-the-line trim costs well below $50,000. Acura RDX tops the list in terms of cargo capacity and it's due to its tall design with longer overhangs. Lexus introduced its NX range back in 2014, basing it on the Toyota RAV4 of the time. Both NHTSA and IIHS have rewarded the Lexus NX 300 well for 2020 and as its a carryover, expect the impressive results to be carried forward as well. Lexus has gone in the opposite direction in terms of the interior design language. Yes, Lexus is one of those brands that have always been famed or their reliability quotient, among other things. And if you are on the inpatient side, then it's best fitted to go for scarcely used 2020 NX 300 as the 2021 model is a carryover of 2020 one. Volvo XC60 has the largest fuel tank with 18.8 gallons but its sub-par MPG figures steal this advantage. You will get some pretty good deals in the pre-owned market. There is no denying the fact that Acura RDX has the most ponies under its hood and with its more capable 10-Speed automatic transmission, all that performance is being utilized well. The dearth of performance doesn’t balance out for unreal MPG figures as it still gives average numbers as compared to other SUVs in this segment. The dashboard has chunks of aluminum trimmings both across and on the borders of the center console. Various infotainment features of the 2021 Lexus NX 300 are: Styling has always been a prominent factor for Lexus while designing their cars. Its compact form factor doesn’t help much with the shoulder room as well. The curious factor here is that Lexus and Volvo are the two automakers who have retained their offerings for 2021, whereas the other two have been revamped considerably. 16 May 2016. The power figures might look underwhelming as compared to its pumped-up competitors but it's here that the driving dynamics of the NX 300 and the smart weight management in the form of its dimensions come in. For this review, J.D. Apart from this, there are no prominent changes for the 2021 NX 300. Lexus makes some of the sharpest-looking cars in the automobile industry. The various driving modes on offer are a boon that can help you control the gas consumption as per your driving needs. It continues to provide a sharp-looking compact SUV with that huge spindle grille that gives it boldface. Even the more serious Lexus NX 300 F Sport gets carried forward with the focus on driving dynamics still intact with its tuned chassis and suspension setup. The powertrain options are also carried forward with only subtle updates joining the list that includes new exterior colors and to freshen up this sharp-looking Japanese SUV. It caters to almost all internal functions with just a vocal command. Lexus NX300h 2018 review Facelifted Lexus NX has been given more tech, more luxury and more refinement, but does all that make the hybrid-only SUV a compelling option?