This presentation will provide an overview of some of the most fascinating aspects of Achaemenid Persia, along with a discussion of accessible resources. Conference Cocktail Welcome at theCentre for Classical and Near Eastern Studies of Australia (building opposite Eastern Avenue Complex), BOOKING ESSENTIAL- Cost: $20 per person (partners welcome), The Use of Digital Mapping to Make the Past Visible: The Colonial Frontier Massacre Map Project, Professor Lyndall Ryan AM FAHA These Review consultations and submissions revealed widely shared aspirations for the curriculum of the future. Amelia McCluney. Julius Caesar and the Historical ImaginationAssociate Professor Kathryn Welch, University of Sydney, Creating digital resources to engage in junior historyPatricia Lemos,Rikki Commens,Melissa Ellis, Southern Cross Distance Education, Ballina. Once the junior school, The Hermitage, was demolished in 1936 to make way for a playing field and tennis courts, and Coreena was replaced in 1961 by the present junior school. Loreto Kirribilli is the top performing Catholic School in NSW ranked 18th in the state by the Sydney Morning Herald and with 62% of students with an ATAR over 90. In 1980, Araluen, which had previously been a music centre, was extended to provide accommodation for the Loreto Sisters, and the community areas in the Elamang building were converted for use as staff rooms, general school administration and music.[7]. Furthermore, it introduces the students to the contentious historical debate between Turkish and Armenian historians as well as Western historians surrounding the notion of 'genocide' of Ottoman Armenians in 1915 or a case of civil war in the midst of World War 1. In other disciplines such as science and language studies, immersive learning has been employed to engage students in a multifaceted approach that assists in the development of empathetic understanding and perspective. Loreto Australia is committed to maintaining these schools, ensuring that school councils, principals and staff have access to the spirituality of Mary Ward. Jimmy will also touch upon the Sydney basin, the Freedom Rides, ritual and ceremony, bush medicines and the trees, astronomy and life in his imitable style. The Changing World Order 1945-2011Brad Kelly, St Mary Star of the Sea College. This purchase allowed for boarders and an increase in day students. A Gifted & Talented program is offered together with specialist support for those with learning difficulties. Despite the promise of social democratic reform in post-apartheid South Africa, many of the 'born-free' generation feel less able to capitalise on opportunity than their parents and grand-parents who experienced the full-force of the oppressive Apartheid regime. The Delian League: An examination of Athenian motivations, Dr Stephen Clarke, Frensham & University of Sydney, The Delian League was the first form of expression of Athenian leadership of 'the Greeks'. The Loreto Kirribilli Chapel Tower was the highest point on the Kirribilli Peninsula for many years and remains a landmark dominating the skyline when viewed from Neutral Bay.