He is especially skilled in the use of black magic, using it to rain destruction down on his enemies... from a safe distance of course. The loading times are successfully mitigated by loading the game onto your system's hard drive (to the point where it's hard to take in the party member stats that quickly)... of course, that takes up over 24 gigs of memory for the. Tolten is Jansen's friend whom he first met aboard a train in Gohtza during a Royal Meeting between Gohtza, Uhra and Numara. Be sure you get this item! Jansen's transformation from a complete coward and womanizer into a reasonably respectable guy who would die for his friends isn't the most original character transformation in the history of fiction, but it's handled better than most of the other character journeys and draws more attention to itself simply given how entertainingly and consistently cowardly Jansen is for the first half of the game, and the few times he tried to rape Queen Numara. It's that strength, that willpower, which gives mortals the ability to keep living their lives. Gohtza and all it's inhabitants are killed in a freezing holocaust. I'm tempted to say Jansen doesn't fall into any typical JRPG stereotype, but that's BS -- he completely does. The Immortal probably counts too, seeing as he is the toughest boss in the game. The party is down, and Gongora releases Jansen from his contract, making him collapse as well. ----- Ability : Absorb Transfer SP : 008 Mortal : Jansen Accessory : n/a Description: Allows the user to transfer absorbed HP of MP to a party member in the back row. am i to be grateful for something that i clearly didnt ask for? Where Segata Sanshiro came from a series of really great commercials, Jansen Friedh comes from a really not-great JRPG. Use the computers to freeze the wheels, and if you mistimed it so a spoke is in the way, merely use the computer again (to turn the wheel back on) and try again. meets his grandchildren and reunites with his wife, Sarah. As such, Gongora builds Grand Staff, a massive magical reactor, under the pretense of bringing energy and prosperity to the kingdom of Uhra. Gongora in Disc 2. This is the gold you gave me. Again, follow these steps (especially because we don't have to worry about picking up items): Cancel out now, and leave via the left arm. Maybe I'm immortal. Ride the same western elevator you took up here to the upper floors. Consider the following cut scene: And by the end of the game, we're supposed to really like this guy! also please rate my sig Currently Playing: Lost Odyssey: Disc 4, Kaim Lv.45, Sarah Lv.48, Tolten Lv.45, Mack Lv.37, Jansen Lv.48, Seth Lv.47, Ming Lv.39, Cooke Lv43, Sed Lv.38 At the top, hop off, and follow the catwalk to the ladder. Press B to let go, and a piston will slide into place. https://lostodyssey.fandom.com/wiki/Jansen_Friedh?oldid=19522. (The guides contradict each other). Now, head to the east elevator (after going past the machine Sed was operating), and descend floors again. That's a harp, so it must be the queen, right? For some reason, there aren't very many YouTube clips of Jansen's better lines (roughly 65% of the search results for "Jansen Friedh" are idiotic music videos of his and Queen Numara's makeout session), but the following clip from one of Jansen's first major scenes does a pretty good job of contrasting his speech rhythms with the other characters'. Wow, you've been saying more than one word since you've started getting your memory back...Just as fun to be around though! Another gameplay feature of note is the "Thousand Years of Dreams" - as the game goes on, Kaim starts to recover his memory in the form of dreams. (notices Ming protecting him with a magic shield) What- oh. Just have the mages use Powerus on the attackers, have a mage use Mindus on your best attacking mage (even if it's himself or herself), and just unload your attacks. The timer works just like it did when you escaped Experimental Staff, and we offer the same advice: put Turn-Tail on Kaim, and bail from every battle. Any items missed in one-shot dungeons show up in the auction house. One more ladder takes you up to where the Nautilus crashed into the side of Grand Staff. Have your entire party defend every turn, because Jansen won't bother launching anything but a level 1 spell. If you spot an omission or error, no matter how small, or if you have any questions, drop me an email at fang(at)ironicorbit(dot)org.