Passive SkillsThese skills will trigger automatically if they are equipped, for example enabling some commands or giving a stat boost. After you sleep in the inn at the beginning of the game, watch the dream and this will unlock. (Check the screenshots below if you're having trouble.), Story Related. Turn-Tail (Turn-Tail Shoes)Steal (Thief Bracelet)Taunt (skill link)Stand Firm (10 Kilo Weight)Complete Defense (skill link)Casting Support (skill link)Concentrate (skill link)MP Gift (skill link)Huge MP Gift (skill link)MP Convert (skill link)Prayer (skill link)Lullaby (skill link)Award Medal (skill link)Magic Seal (skill link)Counter Seal (skill link)Power Hit (skill link)Break Hit (skill link)Member Hit (skill link)Skill Hit (Scroll of Secret Skills; it can only be equipped by "some" characters)Slot Hit (Scroll of Balance; it can only be equipped by "some" characters)Combo (skill link)3 Combo (skill link)Ultimate Hit (skill link)Cut Down (Scroll of Dissection; it can only be equipped by "some" characters)All Hit (skill link)Wall (skill link) - Recovers GC by 10% of max valueWalla (skill link) - Recovers GC by 20% of max valueWallus (skill link) - Recovers GC by 40 % of max value. Achieve Perfect three consecutive times in battle. Upon arrival you will meet Cartographer Mardohl who will offer you treasure for every 5th level you reach (there are also no monsters on every 5th level). The backyard is located in Gohtza on disc 4. Get it, then exit the Ice Canyon via the path northwest from the fight with Dinozaoro. Use THIS WALKTHROUGH to find every item needed for this achievement. Killalon: Inflict a total of more than 1,000,000 damage points. Conclusion: Speak to them, and you'll engage their leader. If you don't want to use a walkthrough at least use the Treasure Trove guide to keep track of what you have gotten and what still remains. Follow the Treasure Trove guide linked below to save yourself about 30 hours of extra work, as that is what a "Treasure Trove" run will take. You can only return to the main level via the elevator that leaves from every fifth level as well. Met the secret requirement of the Backyard Middle Class battle set and won. Deactivated all Royal Seals and defeated Golden Knight. This means, for example, that a Lv 8 White Magic includes the effects of Lv 7/6/5/4/3/2/1 White Magic. If it's a skill which can only be learned via skill-linking I will put that in brackets (use CTRL+F to find these skills in the above lists). If the effect of a skill isn't obvious by its name, I'll add it nearby. Professor Layton and the Last Specter Just Complete the second disc of the game. Introduction: Keep everyone alive. Just get the whetstones out of one of the chests before you leave in the car and make a Bruiser Ring. At last I will list the accessories and their related skills (that is the same as the second list, but for a different usage). Just do this a few times and you will encounter the Blue Dragon. That is unless you still ended up missing the two spells mentioned above. Met the secret requirement of the Backyard last challenger and won. One of the best and easiest ways to avoid frustration and rage at this game is to prepare. You have to acquire 10 favorable coin tosses within 10 turns, and you need to defeat them within that period too. You gain SP by defeating enemies. Kelolon Village can be accessed once you've acquired the White Boa. Patience and luck is required. You defeated Cave Worm at the Forgotten Cave.. You defeated Persona at the Old Sorceress' Mansion. They're included in the specific page of the DLC. No items, skills or spells will carry over though. This walkthrough and any content included may not be reproduced without written permission. You should achieve Perfects with your hits or the skill master will do more damage. Two areas of the game feature enemies who steal your stuff. You may need to visit Numara Atoll first, which is a small circular island on top of Numara to trigger a scene with Ming. For a list of all 99 seeds, click, There are 31 dreams in total. Just below of the Great Ancient Ruins area, there is an ice opening you need to ram with the White Boa. PC Lost Odyssey has 42 achievements worth 1100 points. Find anything you think is wrong with this walkthrough? Keep one Raptor alive and continue to allow it to call for help until the boss Raptor appears. A Royal Seal is there, along with a treasure box that will give you an item called Elmon Crown. If you did miss those or can't find what you are missing for ". " Uhra back alley (path before the Uhra Castle Square), Gongora's Mansion (left side door, also entrance to the Secret Cave), Ice Canyon (up the slope, near the boss location), Crimson Forest (first map, near the center), Black Cave (somewhere inside the dark cave with pit holes), Burning Limestone Cave (left hidden path of the chest in a poisoned area).