Sexy Star returns to fight Ivelisse; Cueto confronts Drago; Konnan warns Puma against interfering. Watch Lucha Underground Free Online. Drago and King Cuerno hunt each other down; the winner must incapacitate their opponent. | Full season and episodes - free online streaming fast high quality legal movies and TV television shows A tournament begins to crown the first-ever Lucha Underground Trios Tag Team Champions. Prince Puma, Johnny Mundo and Big Ryck fight each other; a winner is chosen. Drago and Hernandez meet; Chavo and his crew fight Prince Puma for the first time. Cueto plans a 10-way match and a Boyle Heights Battle Royal; Cueto promises a valuable prize. The best wrestlers from all over the world come to challenge each other, while honoring ancient traditions, in the epic Lucha Underground fight club. Lucha! 1 contender. Featured. Lucha Underground - Season 04 Episode 22 - Ultima Lucha Cuatro: Part 2... 1.9K views. 42. videos. Buy or Stream Amazon Amazon UK El Rey Hobbies & Lifestyle Netflix Sports Lucha Underground introduces U.S. audiences to the high-flying, explosive moves of Lucha Libre, an ancient combat tradition. Catina warns Blue Demon Jr of 1000 deaths; Mundo and Puma are feeling vengeful. Luchadores and Wrestlers from across the world, compete in the ring to be the best fighter. The champion of the first Aztec Warfare fight will have to survive 19 other Luchadores. Johnny Mundo fights Alberto El Patron; Vampiro fights Pentagon Jr.; Prince Puma faces Mil Muertos. Fenix, Drago and Pentagon Jr. fight each other; Mascarita Segrada and El Mariachi face off. 44.6K. Prince Puma fights Drago; Cueto warns Drago that he will be banned from the temple if he fails. Johnny Mundo and Prince Puma are out for revenge on Big Ryck and his crew. The Trios champions defend their titles in a ladder match; Vampiro confronts Johnny Mundo. Final match of the Drago vs. Aerostar best of five series; final spot in the Tag Team Title match. Cage campaigns for a championship opportunity while another luchador vows revenge. The winner puts his title on the line and fights; Drago fights King Cuerno. Cuerto reveals the meaning of the medallions; Texano vs. Mundo; Cage vs. Mack. Coffin match, where your opponent must be placed in a coffin with the lid shut to win. Alberto El Patron and Mundo face each other; the two will team up with three others. Lucha! Mask match; Trios Tag Team Tournament continues. Big Ryck signs Cueto's contract; Son of Havoc calls on Simpinela Escarlata. Cueto announces a Trios Tag Team match; Big Ryck seeks revenge; Chavo and Mil Muertes face off. The first-ever Lucha Underground Trios Tag Team Champions will be crowned. The best wrestlers from all over the world come to challenge each other, while honoring ancient traditions, in the epic Lucha Underground fight club. Seven luchadores battle over a mysterious medallion; Alberto El Patron fights Hernandez. 346. followers. Tensions rise when a new luchador is welcomed into Cueto's temple. Argenis and Jack Evans fight in the Aztec Medallion Match; Sexy Star faces off against Pentagon Jr. Cueto sets a four-way match; Chavo Guerrero and Blue Demon Jr return to the temple. Owner and promoter Dario Cueto selects the best fighters from around the world to compete. A steel cage match is added to the main event, a first for Lucha Underground. When Cueto puts two luchadores in a spectacular main event in Mexico, it reignites an old rivalry. 45:07. 59:00. Prince Puma defends his title against Johnny Mundo; Cueto determines the victor. The champion sets his title aside for the second time in the hopes of defeating Cage. One of the top fights stands in the way of Cage becoming the No. Pentagon Jr. is confronted by Vampiro; King Cuerno fights Killshot; Sexy Star meets Super Fly. Watch as the masked heroes and villains battle it out in the Temple. Two world titles are decided; the Lucha Underground match; Boyle Heights Street Fight main event. The Crew seeks revenge on the underdogs that are now the Trios Champions. views.