[4] Beginning in Florida, Luna teamed up with The Lock as the Daughters of Darkness, a part of Sullivan's Army. At the Royal Rumble in 2000, she participated in the Swim Suit Contest, though in protest against the whole event she refused to take off her gown. Lou Thesz – 2002 – Natural Causes. Vachon falleció el 27 de agosto de 2010 a la edad de 48 años. She was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2019. Una lucha mixta entre los dos pares se planeó para SummerSlam en 1993, pero tuvo que ser cancelada porque Luna se lastimó legítimamente el brazo y luego Sherri dejó el WWF. She then married childhood friend Tom Nash. [12] After Nash and Vachon split, David Heath, Nash's tag team partner in The Blackhearts, and Vachon married on October 31, 1994. According to the District Six Medical Examiner's Office in Florida, she died from an "overdose of oxycodone and benzodiazepine". [38] Foley also suggested that TNA bring her in to manage Tommy Dreamer at the Hardcore Justice pay-per-view in August 2010, but Vachon turned down the offer, stating that she had retired. [10]​, Escena Independiente y Extreme Championship Wrestling (1994–1996). Vachon también luchó en Powerful Women of Wrestling (POWW) de David McLane y, durante la alianza de POWW con la American Wrestling Association (AWA), participó en el único evento de pago por visión de este último, SuperClash III en diciembre de 1988, compitiendo en una batalla real. They hired her, but not without some complications. Fans of the early and mid 90s era of the WWF will fondly remember Luna as not only Bam Bam Bigelow‘s “main squeeze” (and briefly a valet for Shawn Michaels) – but also as an intimidating force to be reckoned with in the ring. The wrestler Luna Vachon died at the age of 48. [5] She became a born again Christian in 2004, after attending an Athletes International Ministry conference. Vachon then became involved in a brief feud with Jacqueline after the latter had pinned Harvey Wippleman to capture the Women's title. Durante este tiempo, Luna fue la causa de la disensión entre Bam Bam y su compañero Booger, quien también (kayfabe) se había enamorado de ella. Her family objected to her entering the wrestling business and tried to dissuade her, as they considered a wrestler's life at that time too harsh for a female. Vader eventually defeated Goldust at the 1998 Royal Rumble. [5], Luna was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The Goldust/Luna pairing also took to imitating other wrestler's gimmicks, often those of Goldust's opponents. Su principal feudo fue contra Madusa. Six months later, Luna returned at SummerSlam, chasing then Women's Champion Ivory backstage after a successful title defense against Tori. The Goldust/Luna pairing also took to imitating other wrestler's gimmicks, often those of Goldust's opponents. Luego, Luna eligió a la luchadora japonesa Bull Nakano para ganar el título femenino de Blayze, lo que eventualmente sucedió, sin embargo Vachon dejaría la WWF poco después de esa lucha. In the summer, Luna sold Bam Bam's contract to Ted DiBiase, who was beginning to build his "Million Dollar Corporation". Soon after, Bam Bam (kayfabe) announced that he had fallen in love and presented Luna as his "main squeeze". Luna also worked at Wild Women of Wrestling, as a competitor, commentator, and booker. Their first feud was against Vader. [2][5] She was also close to André the Giant. Venues included the IWA Puerto Rico in 2000,[18][19] the Australian World Wrestling All-Stars in 2001,[20][21] the German EWP in 2003,[22][23] the British ASW in 2006[24][25] and WSU in 2007. She successfully defended her GLCW Ladies Championship against Traci Brooks and then retired as champion. Throughout the 90s, most women in the world of professional wrestling were little more than eye candy – designed by the wrestling industry to look good while valeting their male counterpart to the ring. Cuando se revivió la división femenina de la WWF, la antigua rival de Luna, Madusa, que había ingresado en la WWF con el nombre de Alundra Blayze, ganó el Campeonato Femenino.