Meghan Markle dons a £570 Victoria Beckham blouse on America's Got Talent... 'I wish Harry luck, he's gonna need it!' Roberts sued Biden in May for paternity, legal, child and healthcare costs. Deadbeat dad Hunter Biden told the Arkansas judge in a new filing Tuesday that he won’t be able to make this week’s scheduled deposition, citing the Coronavirus and his pregnant… Published: 17:43 EDT, 18 December 2019 | Updated: 19:11 EDT, 18 December 2019. An attorney for Lunden Roberts, who sued former Vice President Joe Biden's son Hunter in Arkansas, speaks to PEOPLE about her suit and the DNA testing Hunter Biden, the youngest son of former Vice President Joe Biden, is allegedly the subject of a criminal investigation relating to money laundering with Burisma Holdings, according to documents filed in Arkansas court. In Arkansas, teams play 30 plus games a year, and with AAU basketball added on top of that, she’ll come in with plenty of game experience.”. The Daily Mail obtained the court docs indicating that the baby mama says Biden admitted privately that he’s the pop. A really big call': Trump's excuse for cutting short Breonna Taylor press conference - amid reports that he was 'politicking' and wanted to make a campaign event, Joe Biden appears to side against cops cleared of killing Breonna Taylor - but tells rioters that 'violence is never acceptable', Night of peaceful Breonna Taylor protests across America is marred by violence in Portland as Molotov cocktails rain down on riot police, Breonna Taylor's sister writes Instagram post to her sibling saying she is 'so sorry' a grand jury did not indict three officers for her death, Cuddling a newborn DOES soothe them: Skin-to-skin contact between parents and infants reduces a baby's pain, study finds, Meghan Markle stuns viewers of America's Got Talent by sending a video message to one of the finalists - a black man who spent 36 years in prison after he was wrongly convicted of rape, 'I wish Harry luck, he's gonna need it!' Her father owns a gun works shop in Batesville. Hunter Biden's Arkansas baby mama accused him Wednesday of refusing to hand over his financial records in their ongoing paternity case, according to court documents obtained by Lunden Roberts, 28, has accused Hunter Biden of refusing to hand over his financial records in their paternity case. This is a parenting and child support issue between her and Mr Biden,' Lancaster said. By Martin Gould In Batesville,arkansas, For, Published: 17:06 BST, 2 December 2019 | Updated: 10:04 BST, 3 December 2019. He has yet to comment publicly on the ruling. 'She really does not want this to be a media spectacle. 'She just wants this baby to get financial support from the baby's father, Lancaster added. McSpadden made clear to all sides that he did not want anyone discussing the case in public. Lunden Roberts, the Arkansan mother of a love child apparently sired by Hunter Biden, filed court documents alleging that his company — with an address in the Hollywood Hills — paid her sometime in the last five years. Outraged Trump adviser Corey Lewandowski disses Harry and Meghan for intervening in U.S. election, Trump says he wants 'concrete legal steps' taken against social-media sites for bias against conservatives, Prince Harry appeared 'regretful' and 'tense' when he spoke about the US election in Time 100 video and knew he could 'fall out with his family' but was kept 'on message' by Meghan Markle, body language expert claims, North Korean troops 'killed South Korean official and then BURNED his body after he tried to defect' in world's harshest COVID quarantine protocol, If you go to Vietnam, bring your own! According to court documents she gave birth to the child named “Baby Doe,” in August 2018. In his motion to withdraw, McDaniel — a former Arkansas Attorney General — said Biden's personal lawyer had 'advised' him that he was being discharged. His business ties to various Ukrainian oligarchs have also garnered bad publicity for his father's presidential campaign. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. We are attempting to serve Mr. Biden.”. He is said to have been paid as much as $83,000 a month, even though he had no experience in the energy industry. In 2015 after a site which was run by Ashley Madison, which encouraged married users to cheat on their spouses, was hacked Hunter was listed among the customers. Failure to comply with such demands - filed in accordance with Rule 26(c) of the Arkansas Rules of Civil Procedure - would leave any guilty party liable to charges of contempt of court, which could result in hefty fines or even jail time. Amid the political furore Biden, who has been through rehab several times through drug addiction, has also been mired by the paternity suit.