That treaty was signed exactly 25 years ago. His band of rebels promise to put up a greater fight this time and have the ‘will of the people’ behind them. The euro exists, but alongside purely national fiscal policies, it has run into the sand. He secured not only an opt-out of economic and monetary union – ensuring that it would be up to Britain whether or not to join the single currency – but also the removal of the social chapter from the body of the treaty itself. Having reduced his majority from 102 to just 21, he inherited a new intake of Thatcherite MPs – such as Iain Duncan Smith – elected to Parliament for the first time. Returning to ratification after the election presented a different challenge for Major. Instead they hope that Boris Johnson’s ‘ambush’ strategy will finally prevail and something – or someone – will come to their rescue to solve the insolvable issues. Benn admitted that the left’s rejection “disoriented me a bit…because you don’t like to go against your own people”. The Treaty is … In the fever-pitched atmosphere, Ted Heath – the ex-Tory prime minister who had taken Britain into the EEC in 1973 – was jeered by the delegates. How to apply for the Green Homes Grant scheme, when it starts and what it covers, Latest UK travel advice about Turkey after rise in coronavirus cases, How and when to apply for the extended self-employment grant, What the orange dot on your iPhone screen means after iOS 14 update, Ministers 'must tell students to stay on campus over Christmas' to prevent Covid-19 outbreaks. A senior minister said the ex-Prime Ministers weren't "close" to the process and the UK was in an unprecedented situation. An increasingly isolated figure, his motion was heavily defeated. second reading of the European Communities (Amendment) Bill. The rebels were boosted by the result of Denmark’s referendum, which saw the Treaty rejected. Home Tags Maastricht Treaty. Conducting a poll of their readers, the paper proudly declared Britain the most hostile country towards Maastricht in the infamous front page: “UP YOURS DELORS”. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. Liam Fox signed an early day motion against it. Shortly thereafter, it changed its name to the UK Independence Party. Sir John decided to ignore this and signed it in 1992. Yet Maastricht represented a turning point in our relationship with European integration and contributed, albeit indirectly, to our decision to leave. Fearing electoral annihilation, they baulked. Politically, the angry parliamentary debates over the ratification of the treaty brought into the open a rift within the Conservative Party that has remained a feature of our politics to the present day. Yet the further forward they pushed, the more disgruntled many in Britain became. During the negotiations, and motivated by concerns about the implications of German unification, European leaders chose to endow the European Union with competence across a range of new policy areas, notably monetary policy, asylum and immigration. In response, the Foreign Secretary Douglas Hurd warned that “Our party could break itself over Europe – with consequences which would deeply damage Britain and give comfort only to our opponents”. JUST IN: End of euro: Why 'Nordic-style measures are key to Europe's survival', Can't see this Brexit poll? Expected to appease his right flank, the agreement allowed Major to sell himself as a tough negotiator in Europe, just as Margaret Thatcher had done over the rebate in June 1984. The obvious shortcomings of the EU in these areas played an important role in the debate that led to Britain’s referendum. The emergency motion: ‘This House has confidence in the policy of the Government on the adoption of the protocol on social policy’ handed the power to the rebels: accept the Treaty or trigger a general election. 17 C. London. "If he had taken that opportunity to repudiate the Maastricht Treaty or if he had granted a referendum on it, Britain I suspect would have ended up with some kind of associate status. One minister claimed the rebels should be ‘taken out and shot’, and that’ torture is too good for them’. Tag: Maastricht Treaty. 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