The purpose of these missile sites is the ability to launch nuclear missiles without the risk of tracing the missiles back to a particular country. This is all over Manchester in key locations. They are currently pursuing research on a virus that will wipe out a country within a matter of days. They sat me down at a table and asked me if I was willing to make a deal. Take this example from billboards promoting Avatar. You can just: Sign in with UoM The earthquake in Haiti, the ones that happened over the past couple days, all are products of the HAARP. There are 439 bunkers in the entire world. A Letter from Daniel, Managing Director: Aluminati’s COVID-19 Response, 8 Takeaways from CASE Development Services Conference 2020. Some people that have stayed in these bunkers: Leon Trotsky: After Stalin defeated Trotsky and secured power in the Soviet Union following Lenin’s death, Trotsky was moved to an underground bunker just inside Switzerland. The Middle East is controlled largely by Benjamin Netanyahu which should not come as much of a surprise. FEMA, which is an Illuminati run organization, decided that this would be the most effective way to dispose of a mass amount of bodies. They are sadly mistaken. I can assure you. The drug trade and war on drugs are essential to the Illuminati. We would begin seeing the effects of the radiation in approximately 3 and a half years however. Received the following e-mail from a friend of mine from South Manchester. There are massive amounts of cocaine, marijuana, heroine, and all kinds of other drugs being stored. The machine is housed entirely in a bunker that is underwater in the Pacific Ocean. These children that have been affected are now subject to government control whenever these microbodies are activated. Although they are not controlled by the Illuminati, they are not able to do anything. 5,000 of the world’s richest, brightest, and most powerful individuals will secure shelter in this bunker in the event of a global thermonuclear war, natural disaster, or any other form of global catastrophe. It was decided that America was going to win the space race in order to secure a feeling of capitalism over communism. Hugo Chavez has been difficult to work with in the past. The oil that has already been pumped into the gulf is only a small amount compared to what could possibly be done. Not a member? I already mentioned that the oil spill was used as an agent to implant microbodies into the brains of the children in the area. Whilst we love to meet face to face, often an online demo is a good first step and can be viewed from the comfort of your own desk. The rest of the bunkers in the world are used for storage of things that cannot be stored on top of the ground. The scenario in which these missiles would be used is to attack a nation that is not cooperating with the Illuminati. This is why Israel will destroy Iran to start WWIII. He controls the majority of the operations in Europe and Africa. High quality, exclusively branded and fully serviced email accounts your alumni will want to use every day. They cooperate; just do not care to become too involved. They asked me to come with them and I followed them into the basement of a two story house a couple streets over from my dorm room. The scenario in which these robots will most likely be used is when the mind control aspect of the Illuminati’s plan goes into effect. They bring a huge variety of experiences and technique to the training. As I have stated before, Israel is the grand puppet state of the Illuminati.They will do absolutely anything that the Illuminati wants them to do, and they will do it to the best of their ability without even thinking twice. Thankfully, nuclear action has not had to be taken yet; however, do not put it past these people to bring about such destruction.