Explore the Manchester Metropolitan University exclusive alumni benefits & find out details of how you can gain access to them. Nine- and 10-month faculty members receive paid time off automatically during periods when classes are not in session. How can I get a copy of my transcript? World on the Move: Migration, Society and Change in autumn 2017. After a Wellcome postdoc and a lectureship at the University of Huddersfield I have been back at The University of Manchester since 2000. *Terms and conditions apply. Alumni can enjoy various discounts across Manchester and beyond. Manchester American Studies students can also apply for a limited number of opportunities to study for a whole year at the University of California. The Library reserves the right to check the validity of an application. Manchester Met alumni may use our sports facilities at the discounted staff rates by showing a valid email from the Development and Alumni Relations Team. Careers Service, The University of Manchester. Manchester Whether you choose to join a dig on Neolithic stone monuments in Orkney, Bronze Age settlements in Cyprus, ancient art and artefacts in Jersey or colonial sites in Australia, this life-changing experience will see you work with practised archaeologists to make discoveries that help to shape our knowledge of the world. See website for full details. The Music study abroad programme provides an option to study at a partner institution during the second year of our Music or Music and Drama courses (not the 'Joint Course' with RNCM). These agendas are now being continued within the GDI research group on Migration, Refugees and Asylum currently convened by Dr Tanja Müller. Just returned from travelling. Advanced Materials and Surface Engineering, Creative Writing, English Literature and Linguistics, Musculoskeletal Science and Sports Medicine, Faculty of Health, Psychology and Social Care. Find your place at Manchester Met this September, Prestigious award win for smart mobile water device, Project with Aquacheck Engineering wins Best Knowledge Transfer Partnership Award. What works for grassroots-led development? All registered alumni based in the UK will receive a copy of the University’s Met Magazine, featuring interviews with fellow alumni, news from your Faculty and development at Manchester Met. How to use the Manchester Network - Ask me about; See also: Alumni networks on LinkedIn; Professional networks If granted, it is valid for a maximum of three years. The Migration Lab had three main purposes: Firstly, it brought together researchers at The University of Manchester and beyond to discuss innovative research on migration, refugee-issues and asylum.