The ITR European Production Index is showing a 12/12 growth rate of -0.6% and a 3/12 growth rate of -1.5%. Machinery only accounts for about 5% of total manufacturing industry output and given its relatively small size and the nature of the sector it experiences higher peaks and troughs than industrial production. This is particularly the case when access is required to measure part characteristics not attainable with, High quality laser scan system manufacturer SCANLAB GmbH of Germany has a new affiliate company. #nnr-rp-widget-2 .nnr-rp-image-flip-item a, The most diversified industrial companies could consider several different variations on this theme, identifying options for rounding out core businesses even as they divest themselves of other entities. var data = { The data reflect that manufacturing deal activity has been driven by scale transactions, which are primarily focused on product, customer, and geographic expansions. Latest Dimensional Metrology, Inspection and Quality News. However, even though 2019 has been a relative slump year, manufacturing output has been growing. With the quarter to previous year quarter (3/12) growth going negative at -0.4% it indicates the month to month will also probably go negative over the next 1 to 2 quarters. If you missed the webinar, here is a brief summary of the key take-aways from the session and our outlook for key intelligent automation sectors in 2020. /* Numbered List */ Manufacturing Output: When Germany Sneezes…, China’s Manufacturing Industry in 2020 and Beyond, 3 Mistakes Truck OEMs Are Making With Their Electrification Strategies, The Low Voltage Motor Drive Market – 2020, Manufacturing Industry Output (MIO) Tracker, Predictive Maintenance in Motor Driven Systems – 2020, Automotive Design, Test and Simulation Solutions Market – 2019, The Low Voltage AC Motor Drive Market – 2019. These focal points are likely to continue for 2020, as they support manufacturers’ efforts to build digital into the core of their supply networks and improve risk management in uncertain conditions. Therefore, in recent months, many companies have shifted their efforts toward digital projects that build agility and scalability to help them to manage risk. We expect a continued slowing however the leading indicators for China indicate that this negative period is turning the corner. A review of key trends, challenges and opportunities that may affect your business and influence your strategy for the remainder of 2020. In a matter of months, manufacturers have shifted both sourcing and production to different geographies, seeking tariff-friendly combinations. } } Overall there does not appear to be much positive momentum in the machinery sector to start the year. While relative to the rest of the world this is among the fastest growers, compared to its performance of previous years it is some way below expectation. Our machinery outlook for 2020 is similar to that of the global economic performance. Early successes have increased many companies’ appetites for further digital exploration and investment. ITR predicts this negative gradient to continue, with a further deceleration into negative territory. Interestingly the non-manufacturing machinery HVAC sector is the 2nd largest machinery sector and also the fastest growing. With this focus, a desire to intensify capabilities within the core business could further drive deal activity or focused investments, especially as they relate to protecting value chains from ongoing trade uncertainties. The uncertainty appears likely to continue into 2020, and thus manufacturers’ optimism has experienced a noteworthy setback. Hutchinson Aerospace is a leading systems supplier to the aviation sector due to its expertise in the areas of materials, engineering and production, in combination with on-site and aftermarket services. Levers to support this include building “digital muscle” across areas like the supply chain, mobilizing partnerships within their ecosystem to drive targeted business goals, and leaning into corporate social responsibility. background-color: rgb(148, 205, 75); Additionally, given that China produces about 45% of global production in the key manufacturing sectors, this poor performance is having a major downwards effect on the global economy. Multi-industry is the slowest growing with a CAGR of 3.7%. #nnr-rp-widget-2 .nnr-rp-fancy-colors-content .nnr-rp-meta-data { jQuery(document).ready(function($) { The correlation-free measuring cell is the most accurate, Teton Simulation Software, a pioneer in technology for 3D printing, has launched its inaugural software product, Smart Slice for Ultimaker Essentials. First, many manufacturers are actively mobilizing partnerships within their ecosystem that can drive targeted business goals, ranging from bolstering a traditional area (e.g., improving customer experience) to adding new capabilities (e.g., creating new business models).