That's not possible in today's mega schools, whereas here, people talk about the 'Marsden family'. Students and staff support each other and celebrate achievements. We foster independent thinking, build resilience and instill the importance of community involvement. It has a socio-economic decile of 10 and provides private year 1 to 13 education for girls, with a co-educational Preschool. 09 … Through accessing a deep and enriched curriculum all learners maximise individual strengths in order to develop lifelong skills that will enable … Discover what's been going on at Marsden Schools recently. Parents and pupils choose Marsden because everyone is striving to be the best they can be. Online Resources and other helpful ideas to support children's learning! They're happy, they enjoy school and they go on to do exceptionally well in life. Location Marsden High School. At Marsden, our relentless focus is on the ultimate goal of education. As learners we will: Strengthen our positive mindset by embracing and developing our skills through engaging with, and learning from, our curriculum. We achieve that ultimate goal because we know, and can support every pupil personally. On our learning journey we will work towards being resilient, respectful and kind. Its exam results rank consistently in the top schools in New Zealand. Why you should study at The Royal Marsden School. Date 16 September. Marsden - private education Preschool to Year 13. At Marsden, we aim to create a supportive, inclusive community in which everyone collaborates with a Growth Mindset. Would you like us to notify you about upcoming Open Days or Scholarships? Samuel Marsden Collegiate School is located in the Wellington suburb of Karori in New Zealand. 'Education Matters' gives you fast access to our courses, the latest healthcare news, and exclusive practical advice from our expert lecturer practitioners and helpful career insights from previous students. Year Group information on: At Marsden, our relentless focus is on the ultimate goal of education. Year 7 Zone Gala Day. Reading and Maths; Excellence is a core value at Marsden. Children and young people flourish at Marsden. Come and take a … Opportunity Class Placement Test. What makes Marsden special? Our purpose is to lay the foundation for lives of meaning, accomplishment and genuine happiness. At Marsden there is a shared passion for learning and discovery. At Marsden, children and young people flourish. There are several entrances to Marsden School in Karori. September Sep Opportunity Class Placement Test.