I like the research elements so far, it's a good story, the characters are great, and it is just a lot of fun. Some are bashing ME1 textures, some ME2 textures and cutscenes, now even controlls. The loyalty mission mechanic was just so well executed in terms of character development, and that helped ME2 (and it's overall franchise) earn it's rightful place as one of the best games this generation. Mass Effect 3 returned to that kind of game a bit, as you traveled the universe scouring for help, but it never had that same sense of exploration as Mass Effect 1 did. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. All in all ME3 reintegrated a lot of the RPGness from Mass 1, so if you find the skill trees too dumbed down in 2, just know that 3 makes things at least a little better. Yeah you're recruiting Garrus to help defeat the Collectors but the connection is not nearly as direct as in ME1. I'm having a little bit of the same problem you're having right now, except that I've played Mass Effect 1 several times before to completion. I have warm feeling for trilogy and ME ends with Shep for me. also me2 story get u up to date u dont need to play the first to enjoy the story of the second. Click on a specific assignment in the list to read its detailed walkthrough. ME2 has better writing for sure, but it's not stellar like ME1's. I also never finished ME3, so there's that as well. EDIT: Finished ME3, I think I might consider ME2 to be the worst of the three? It's difficult to say which is better because Andromeda is so different, but I'll share my impressions anyway: like comparing a racing car to a sports car and since most racing cars don't use full road going products under the hood, it's very difficult to even make a comparison, even if they look strikingly similar in appearance that doesn't tell you anything. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake. Mass Effect 1 is a far less compromising game, and there's definitely a sense that the original intentions for the trilogy were altered or discarded somewhere during the development of ME2, and something to that effect has been implied by former employees. So I haven't seen all that much of the story... Actually, you have. Totally. It seems the "Paragon" choices in this game can be just as bad. Disregarding the multitude of technical issues fixed in the PC version, even when it was new I thought it was a bad RPG masquerading as a clunky shooter, not being especially good at either element. And yes having a whole map covered in ugly wall textures while the floor looks great is bad. I did not really see many bad environmental textures in Mass Effect 1. ME1 has the better story, but game wise is clunky, yet still playable. One last thing for now, the bonuses you get are nearly unnoticeable. Garrus and the entire Omega are doing their own thing not caring about the Reapers or Collectors. ME1 was a Space Opera, a clean Sci-Fi RPG that sometimes tricked you into thinking it was a shooter. Lastly the other big thing, and the one that's unfair, is the fact that it's the sequel But it's the sequel to the game where the big thing was all about your character and your save file. i played them all for the first time a couple months ago and can say that ME1 was easily my favorite and the only one which i felt had its heart in the right place all the way through. Here is another and it looks bad even from far away. I know ME universe is very big and developers can make lots of spin offs but Andromeda doesn't look very nice. (So far I have Grunt, Jack, the Professor guy, the English-accented merc guy, Archangel and the two Cerberus lackeys.) ME2 felt very personal and cinematic. The newness of the universe, the massive scale of everything that's going on. "Don't fuck with Aria" is the most obvious one. Mass Effect 2 vs Mass Effect 1: The Mass(ive) Comparison. The Mako stuff, overall, could be infuriating. You actually felt like you were on a planet in a far corner of the galaxy. I shouldn't discount that it does a great job of world-building and has a main plot that isn't just an excuse to string together vignettes like the second game, but if given a choice I will pick Mass Effect 2 every time. I was one who literally just thought that it was improved in about every way. The second game handles the interactions between you and the team members better, especially with the added weight that the loyalty missions bring to the relationships. I'm also really glad I went with Infiltrator right now, sniping is WAY better in this one. Mass Effect 1 is better than Mass Effect 2. The grand prize winner will take home the console and game. The first game is fun but it seems people like easy fast paced third person shooters. (So far I have Grunt, Jack, the Professor guy, the English-accented merc guy, Archangel and the two Cerberus lackeys.) Why did you show your hardware's stats? ME2 doesn't have that same sense of wonder that the original evoked. No more Mako missions? Truth be told not all worked and some were a bit janky. Technically, yes. I'm still enjoying it right now, I'm just now getting these "loyalty" missions. But, overall, I still prefer Mass Effect 1 over 2. Personally, from a gameplay perspective, yes. Yes the actual skill list is shorter than ME1 but a lot of fluff was removed (Intimidate/Charm, Spectre Training/Class Training, Weapon Training).