anyone with experience or thoughts about Northcote High School? Frankly, what wld be your considerations in choosing the school. Hi MichelleG3, sure can. All I can say is that for us, at this time, the smaller school has come up trumps and I should have listened to my gut instincts a year ago...St Catherines has brought tears to my eyes and emotion in my heart that I didn't know was there - yes, it is in the middle of Toorak and yes, there are families there with wealth that I can only dream of, however it has a heart, a soul and the most beautiful 'feel' for our family that for me at this time is perfect.... Lauriston is fabulous for some families, but it is not for us. Both are catholic primary schools - you don't pay any where near the fees that are on private schools. My daughter's year level was indeed quite bitchy - after five years she moved in year 8 to another school and was very happy. My son was lucky enough to gain a place at this selective school after an extended process of an entrance exam and an interview, and since then he had come out of his shell and enjoys going to school everyday. Rubbish I reckon. As an old boy of one of Melbourne's highly regarded, disgustingly privileged, absurdly state-subsidised APS private schools, I think that these so-called "elite" private schools are a disgusting example of how the rich and privileged try to close out the great unwashed from the fruits of education, to the long term disadvantage of our country. Toute personne physique justifiant de son identité et ayant consenti à l’utilisation de ses données à des fins de prospection a le droit de retirer son consentement et de s’opposer à ce que ses I've been offered a place in KOROWA but wait listed in PLC. We have a few years current experience with mlc, and have been pleased overall--it is academic --few girls crying at getting 97%, but overall healthy approach, with a good arts program --daughters grades have improved and she is motivated without being too hard or perfectionist about it. I would like to correct a few misconceptions in the previous comments. One wonders if they will ever gaze at their own navels rather than stay stuck in their own narcissistic bubble. Interesting, where have the two comments re the alternative school gone?? Hi everyone, back again from earlier in the year, now with another quick question that I'd love your feedback on. Are there restrictions on private enterprise setting up a school? We have a son and a daughter and looking at Wesley college Glen Waverly. Very different experiences. I'm an old Wesley boy myself having completed with the last all boy form to pass through the school in 1986. It was once a terrific school (past tense) but it is far from that now. With nearly 350 million telephone numbers listed in the Infobel Global Telephone Database and Infobel Global Places databases,Caller ID allows you to accept incoming calls or reject unwanted calls in a fraction of a second and all even before you pick up the phone.Database:Infobel Global Telephone,Infobel Global Places Database. Tall poppy syndrome is alive an well in Australia and many people see those who attend schools like Ruyton as being very privileged and are only too happy to see their view that the girls [and their parents] are selfish and lacking in consideration for other members of the community proven. Ok since I added a little fuel to the fire let me explain myself.... Hi, nothing should be personal. Hi there, and welcome to Melbourne! I am a quiet and reserved person and I have never felt any disadvantage due to that. There is a strong focus on academics, but this is in the later years - Year 10 and above. @Belle72 I hear extremely good things about St Kevins and know many families who are extremely happy with all elements of the school's program.