© 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. The plague is unleashing its vengeance. [Feb 2013, p.76]. I have to keep an eye on my provisions, I have to leave the safe path and might have to face deadly foes. Your character is sick and dying so you must keep him properly hydrated otherwise he'll become increasingly weak, his vision blurs, etc. Without regular doses of medicine, fever and fatigue soon set in, causing your vision to blur and your mobility to decrease. Survival in the woods is a creepy, fun challenge full of botanical terror in Miasmata. The underlying objective might be to push toward finding a permanent cure for your ailment in order to escape the isle alive, but the thrill of setting off into the unknown to explore is just as alluring. If You Believe Microsoft, Buying Bethesda Isn't About Exclusivity. I really like adventure in strange island,(I love all adventure game in the world, but ... Read Full Review, 20 minutes in and you can't stop playing. Some imperfections and restrictions ruin the otherwise great experience of exploring a mysterious island in this survival adventure. Miasmata plays like a tech demo without any impressive technology worth demonstrating. The unpredictability of your quest to stay alive certainly has its ups and downs, but rough edges can't blunt the intensity of this fascinating survivalist journey. In Miasmata I really feel that I'm in woods. the gameplay is bad as well.. Avoid this so called game! At first is is rather frustrating, but as you figure out how to use the map system, it falls into place. - If You Believe Microsoft, Buying Bethesda Isn't About Exclusivity, By If your illness is left untreated, you're far more prone to collapsing altogether. For Miasmata on the PC, a reader review titled "". I am really enjoying this game so far. I won’t be able to do this game justice with words, and there is no 1-10 score that will ever satisfy me, based on my experience. Games have a habit of distorting language. It's not perfect and pretty hardcore. Full mobility across the. I love open world exploration and atmoshere in it. Wrists aren't supposed to bend that way! Share; Tweet; 6. A solid game of exploring an island looking for research outposts and needed plant specimens; more than meets the eye. First consider whether this would be an experience you want to live, and if so, please go ahead and buy it. What really adds to the immersion, aside from your ever constant vulnerability, is the realistic perspective of this game. Have played for multiple hours. Eden's landscape is lovely to look at, but the unforgiving terrain makes for some harsh travel, particularly when your symptoms manifest. But I love graphics in it. What's this? It's not perfect and pretty hardcore.