Lukas is a main character in Minecraft: Story Mode. Truck Simulator (American & Euro) • As of Episode 5, Petra is the only person who still holds a grudge against Ivor. Block breaking particles are not affected. Jesse also thinks that Ivor sometimes makes them laugh. The game consists of a series of 13 episodes, which release periodically. Ivor has slick black hair - which, as of season two, has been tied into a topknot, a long beard and wears an olive green coat and pants. Petra and Lukas have been friends since some time, but unknown how. However, when Jesse finds out that Ivor is not a bad guy, their relationship becomes much more stable and they become good friends. He is part of the gag in episode three, in which Axel constantly falls on him. to Nurm, he could say "Whoo hoo." Long Live The Queen • If Jesse chooses "...and he/she couldn't have done it without his/her friends", Lukas will close the book and say "You know something? I can't be trusted with responsibility. In earlier episodes, Ivor was shown to be a shady man with a grudge against Gabriel and the Order of the Stone, and since he created the Wither Storm, he was thought to be the antagonist. In "Hero in Residence", he wears a leather jacket without an ocelot face. Minecraft Story Mode Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. In Hero in Residence, it is confirmed that they now live happily together in Beacontown and also go on adventures together. He empathizes with her, possibly because they both have a similar history with both their creations going out of hand. Possibly he found a new book and wrote in all the adventures. Lukas and Olivia share similar personalities (being intelligent, has leadership skills, and pessimistic), even though they don't interact a lot. In the Adventure Pass thumbnail, Ivor seems to have a second appearance with his armor, except with no helmet on. Elite: Dangerous • Eventually, Jack is glad and very comforted to reunite with Nurm. In Episode 3, if Jesse chooses to save the Amulet, Lukas will try to save Axel and Reuben and will pet Reuben later on. The Wither Storm was created by Ivor, programmed to follow the amulet belonging to Order of the Stone, and was intended to be used to outclass Gabriel the Warrior. When Ivor appears without his "adventuring clothes," Lukas finds his appearance funny and says he can't take him seriously looking like that, which Ivor responds to by saying his outfit breathes wonderfully. Professor Layton • Nurm does not talk much, but he is very intelligent, being "the genius behind all of (Jack's) fine maps", and can read the runes in the Sea Temple. Spore • Based on some of his comments and his keeping of a rose from Episode 8, Ivor may have a romantic interest in Harper. It was created by building a Wither with a command block in place of the middle soul sand and it absorbs blocks and mobs to increase in strength. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. World Neverland. Determinant characters appear in purple. At first, Jesse's Gang holds a bitter rivalry with The Ocelots, who are led by Lukas, but the two began to get along with each other as the game progresses. Jack may possibly be able to communicate with Nurm by listening to him speak through villagerese.