Before serving on the board for six years, Hays was appointed MOFB Young Farmer and Rancher (YF&R) chairman in 2003, serving in an advisory capacity on the board for one year. Jefferson City, MO 65109, Mailing Address In 1984 Hays received the FFA State Farmer Degree and in 2004 was named a FFA Honorary Chapter Farmer. Call 1-800-392-1111 to report poaching and arson. Protected absolutely and forever? It's an individual liberty issue. He described the problem saying, As a possible solution to such objections, Centner suggested that right-to-farm legislation could shift its approach by separating the "market economy from the economy of nature." The citizens of Missouri already have a right to farm and any contention that we're losing it is absolute nonsense. In this role, he coordinates the organization’s legislative activities in Jefferson City. Blake Hurst was first elected the 14th president of Missouri Farm Bureau on December 7, 2010. Find your local private land conservations by county. In May 2014, Gov. Note: The following totals are from the Missouri Ethics Commission's financial summaries of the committee or PAC available as of August 1, 2014. Lieb summarized the potential impact of gubernatorial placement of ballot measures on the primary ballot, saying, "a governor who doesn't like a particular ballot measure could diminish its political impact by placing it on the August ballot, but that also could hinder the ability of opponents to challenge it in court. Food plots will supplement natural forage, serving as a reserve for wildlife when other food supplies run short. Amendment 1 is a concerted effort to shield factory farms and concentrated agricultural feeding operations from regulations to protect livestock, consumers and the environment. 6785 Highway 63 Ste. Hays has been a member of the Monroe City R-1 school board. He said, "There is nothing in the Right to Farm amendment that would prohibit the state from enacting or enforcing laws regarding possession or production of controlled substances." Additionally, former state senator Wes Shoemyer was a significant leader in the charge against this measure. On the other hand, if it passes, mischief might later be done in the name of “agriculture” that should not be protected by the constitution. Prior to working for Farm Bureau, Smith farmed in Shelby County. House Joint Resolution was introduced on January 17, 2013. Whether you're managing for wildlife or livestock, you can improve your Missouri grasslands for better recreation, aesthetics and profitability. Abundant sunshine. Blake and Julie have three children. The differences between state laws usually came in the definitions for terms such as agricultural operations, agricultural activities, farming and farm operation in state statutes.[18]. They were supporting multiple measures, therefore the following totals represent their total contributions received in 2014, but the expenditures are only what they have spent on Amendment 1.[34]. The League of Women Voters provided a nonpartisan voters guide for all amendments in Missouri. An agricultural operation protected pursuant to the provisions of this section may reasonably expand its operation in terms of acres or animal units without losing its protected status so long as all county, state, and federal environmental codes, laws, or regulations are met by the agricultural operation. As a result, Amendment 1 could backfire on supporters and ultimately result in farmers and ranchers enjoying fewer constitutional protections. Between 1963 and 1994, every state enacted some form of right-to-farm legislation. These topics show you how. In fact, if Amendment 1 passes, corporate farms may actually escape regulations concerned with chemical use, animal treatment, and waste disposal. Largest cities | Election governance | In putting Amendment 1 on the ballot, lawmakers sought to shirk that responsibility. [13] On December 6, 2017, the state Supreme Court, in a unanimous decision, ruled against Shanklin, saying that Amendment 1 did not provide a right to farm marijuana. The couple invoked Amendment 1 as providing them with a right to grow marijuana. Use mid-contract management practices and other wildlife enhancements to maintain the overall best-habitat conditions for quail and other wildlife on CRP fields. Judicial Selection | Environment | Opponents countered that the amendment would actually provide protections to large corporate and multinational agribusiness, and it would, in fact, make it harder for family farmers and ranchers to protect themselves from business interests.