Good features (can be better) -Car design look solid compare with Vezel/HRV Props to Maurice from CarEmpire too. ReviewTested this previously after seeing it on the road…. I used to pay $100 for this service with that other site. Not sure this is due to the turbo try to spool up again or the torque convertor full lock up engaging at the region. The higher the points, the higher the rank. Awesome double sunroof, What I do not likeNo smart safety features 15) 5 stars Euro Encap ratings. Sound insulation could be better Good performance engine Car dealers are also friendly and very efficient. For most drivers, a light touch on the accelerator pedal is all you’ll ever need. What I likeHead-Room / Leg Room is good. For this size of vehicle, really cannot asked for more. The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV was introduced in 2013 and since then sold more than 260,000 copies. 6) Beautiful taillights So far, my EC has turned heads and opened eyes, in the carparks and on the roads. Back seat passengers were surprised by the leg room they had and the sound system is adequate (adjust and fine tune the settings) if you do not want to spend on In-Car-Entertainment (ICE) systems. b) If you use cruise control 80~90km/hr, I find the engine control at ~1800rpm to maintain its optimum torque, and surprisingly this give better fuel consumption versus I drive without cruise control. Speaking about evolution, sadly with the demise of their rally-inspired Lancer Evolution compact sedan due to the brand pulling out of the World Rally Championship (WRC) a while ago (hopefully we will see some kind of development in this field soon with its new parent), there has also been some movement in model nomenclature. The most important thing for us is that the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross will be offered also as a plug-in hybrid, which means a second plug-in hybrid from the … When the shades to the 2 sunroofs are open, the EC feels airy and bright, very interesting feel, to have so much light in the cabin yet the factory tint cuts out the heat. Free Transaction Service for Owner-to-buyer Deal, New Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross latest price, New.Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross consumer reviews. Very happy with the service. - 2 sunroofs POWER TO WEIGHT     109.4hp per tonne Thankfully, the car’s air-conditioning is quite powerful. What I likeEasy to monouver and good FC consumption. 2) NO Lane Departing alert. Road noise greatly reduce.Very fast from stationary point . -Surround speaker is good better than i expect with 6 speaker The front and back in-car camera system gives me peace of mind while one the roads. There’s no doubt the Toyota C-HR, Honda HR-V, Nissan Qashqai are still leading sales charts, so this is why the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross exists. Unique feature like HUD and paddle shifters Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross has a user-friendly cockpit that’s well-made and surprisingly, features paddle shifters made from more expensive magnesium alloy instead of cheaper plastic. But with the sunroofs the headspace is a bit low for tall people. - attention grabbing exterior (sometimes very paiseh to have people pointing and talking about your car while stopped at traffic lights.) 4) Nice style 13) Split rear window (the centre split actually block those irritating rear vehicles's high beams. With the turbo charge engine, the car feel like you are gliding when you press the accelerator, don't feel any sluggish. The meaty low-end makes overtaking and plugging gaps in traffic very easy. Featuring exceptional Japanese craftsmanship, the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is distinctively designed like a coupé, but drives like an SUV. Would I buy this - maybe... What I likeStylish look Thanks to high torque and powerful engine. Its front end has that handsome/macho look that SUV buyers love, while its sloped roofline gives it a coupe-like profile. But with the Eclipse Cross, Mitsubishi now has the potential to finally appeal to buyers, for it is the most compelling new Mitsubishi model available today. When Mitsubishi first released photos of this model, I wasn’t drawn to its design. If I were to nit-pick, my biggest bugbear would be the lack of rear air vents. -lack of freebies might turn off potential buyers such as no limited free servicing Mitsubishi’s existing (if modified) 2.2 diesel will follow. latest Firmware should address this concern I HOPE). The Eclipse moniker has always been associated with the brand’s hot front wheel drive compact coupe, built for the American market… almost like what the lovely 90s FTO was for the rest of the world. Price point too high for the car of this size and feature I find the car’s two-window tailgate, also a design feature of the Toyota Prius and Hyundai Ioniq, awkward. Edmunds also has Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross pricing, MPG, specs, pictures, safety features, consumer reviews and more. d) 1.5 road tax cheaper than 2.0 or 2.4. Where you get the torque like 2.4 engine while fuel consumption like 2.0 (almost). Japan and North America are the first thoughts, because in Europe new launches from Mitsubishi are frozen for now.