Typical in this class are the hard plastics, yet the Mirage doesn't feel cheap. Not cheap and cheerful, mind you—just cheap. Note: This article first appeared in Top Gear Philippines' August 2016 issue. More important, the Mirage GLS gets twin airbags and ABS. It offers outstanding value, and you get so much for what you pay for. The refreshed Mirage, launched as a 2017 model, wants to change all that. Steering is precise and the car goes exactly where you point it. The inside is likewise more grown-up with a two-tone treatment, making the cabin look more elegant and spacious. The profile flows nicely toward the rear, eliminating the inevitable hatchback-to-sedan stigma. Price: P713,000. It can be had with either a 5-speed manual transmission or a continuously variable transmission (CVT). Even at 100kph or more, economy is still well over 18km/L. Nothing in this class is remotely as well-loaded or practical at this price. Power: 77hp @ 6,000rpm. ", Engine: 1.2-liter in-line 3-cylinder gasoline. Continue reading below ↓ Recommended Videos. In our Big Test comparo featuring the Mirage GLX, we noted a soft suspension and excessive body roll. The Mirage’s high level of equipment with its correspondingly lofty price now begs the question: Is the better toy car the one with a lot of playthings already on board, or the one with a better platform for upgrading? The availability of ABS gives the Mirage stronger and more confident braking performance than any of its main competitors--especially in the wet. This time, it’s the price that may be the stumbling block. Price ₱ 735,000 Body Type Sedan … And the gearing is good if you decide to push. Review: Mitsubishi Mirage. Together with the transmission, it's enjoyable to throw around. Watch our video and let us know what you think about Mitsubishi's updated mini hatch. Power windows all around and more comprehensive driver controls also signify a big step up versus the poverty-spec Mirage. After all, we're still a sedan-loving country. There are also operation buttons on the driver's door and trunk that are very convenient. By continued use, you agree to our privacy policy and accept our use of such cookies. Find out more here. Find out more here. The added P90,000 represents a huge price premium over the Mirage GLX, but the high level of equipment, cosmetic enhancements, as well as safety and chassis upgrades are a convincing argument in favor of the GLS. Mitsubishi Mirage G4 . The 2017 update results in a surprisingly attractive hatchback. Inside, the head unit features Bluetooth connectivity. Back then, its styling was more cute than anything else. This will still come mated to a five-speed manual transmission or a CVT. Top Gear Philippines reviews and compares the Mitsubishi Mirage and Suzuki Celerio. The Big Test. It's quiet at speed, and the low roof makes it less sensitive to crosswinds than other superminis. Other accessories like the chrome garnishes and window visors are optional, but the car looks good with or without them.