), 12 months, Expiring one year from date of issuance [ 1 ], Class "A" Fermented Malt Beverage Retailer's License. 24 months, Expiring 2 years from expiration of license being renewed. (Business application not required), 12 months, Expiring one year from date of issuance of related alcohol license, Not more than 4 consecutive days. Foreign Corporations may not hold this type of license. To obtain an application, call (414) 286-8678. Call 2-1-1 for assistance. Licenses Permits 92555 Alcohol Distribution Mobile Bartending. License required to permit dancing by patrons and to permit the holding of certain shows and exhibitions upon premises. nor a law firm or cpa firm. LLC Licenses and Tax IDs You Need To Start Your New Business I.e., Start a Mobile Bartending business in … License required for those engaging in the business of removing snow or ice from the public sidewalks or public alleys of the city by means of motorized sweepers or plows. ), License required for any for-profit business which operates a premise used for living or sleeping by occupants, includes hotels, motels and rooming houses. A permit is required of every person selling ice cream or similar frozen confections on the public way. Allow a tip jar to be placed on the bar for guests. Hotel/Motel License (See Dwelling Facilities License), Junk Collector License (See Recycling, Salvaging, Towing Vehicle License. Photo identification card for City of Milwaukee residents. ), Waste Tire Transporter (See Recycling, Salvaging, Towing Vehicle License.). Registering your bicycle can help the police return it to you if it is stolen. ccl-pbart1; Up to 60 days, Expiring whenever regular license … Authorizes the retail sale of fermented malt beverages for consumption away from the licensed premises. Affordable land and leasing costs, abundant fresh water, an educated workforce, low business costs and easy access to financing, technical assistance and efficient transportation have helped local businesses succeed and grow. Guarantee You may want to invest in a bar on wheels that you can bring with you to events. A good bartender can suggest and make interesting cocktails. Keep detailed records and contracts. SERVICES. Changes of ownership can be made to license. (This license may be applied for in conjunction with the Class "C" Wine License; a single combined application can be filed.). License required for those engaged in the business of installing, repairing, servicing, improving, or remodeling any permanent installation or improvement attached to an existing home or building used for residence purposes but not exceeding 6 living units.