It's actually recommended to do so instead of placing them on the ground as they have relatively low health, ... Monster Madness Survival … The game itself is a PvE game with a focus on teamwork and co-op. In-game Description: A mercenary that's only here for money, once just a guy who took on dirty business in Toxinia. The max level of pets is 20. It is recommended to use a pet with +10 stats in Damage and Speed. Sandur can place his Ancient Weapon or Mini Sand Turrets on walls. Monster Madness Survival, or MMS, was created by ChickenEngineeron 2/4/2019. Pets level up as you use them in game. The monsters have stolen a piece of the core, which is the giant purple crystal that gives everything in Maykshift life. With a mine that slows down enemies, a highly powerful but slow-firing shotgun and invisibility, Capcan's move set is made for taking the monsters by surprise. It moves on a wave-by-wave basis, with enemies appearing each wave, with more and stronger enemies spawning as the waves go on. Monster Madness Survival is the latest ROBLOX game created by ChickenEngineer, first being released on February 4th, 2019. In MMS, you play as one of many Defenders, to defend against the also many monsters in Maykshift. Pet's are obtained from purchasing pets at the Shop. Pets are floating creatures that follow your character in the lobby and while in game in MMS. What is Monster Madness Survival? They are used to improve the stats of the player's current character. Capcan is a defender based on whose playstyle is focused on disrupting enemies undetected. After a pet hits level 18, it can be upgraded again for 2500 Coins each level until it hits 20.