As woody vegetation is removed from the river's shoreline, trout habitat goes with it and water temperatures warm, reducing oxygen levels for fish. How can they pay for their rod days without a steady stream of clients? For now, however, the Montana that once was—a state that had become the spiritual center of the fly fishing universe, brimming with unmatched numbers of trout and angling opportunities—is no longer. Who could blame them for not publicly decrying the state of affairs, for to do so is an admission that the fishery, and their offering, is in decline. Eat and drink in Montana's Glacier Country. That began a series of restless days and nights…months and years, really. The law states that a landowner may erect fences abutting bridge structures to control livestock so long as the fence includes approved access features such as gates, stiles etc..[9], The law creates two classifications of waters capable of recreational use: Class I and Class II. The relationship started on one of those crisp Montana autumn days, cobalt blue skies with the cottonwoods dressed in lemon sequins, shimmering in the sunlight letting a fly fisherman know that it was ready to dance. The Middle Fork is popular for rafting, kayaking and fishing. Traveling 46 miles from the Seeley-Swan Valley and emptying into the Blackfoot River near Clearwater Junction, the Clearwater River is home to numerous species of fish, including largemouth bass, bull trout, brown trout and rainbow trout. Page Contact Information: Montana Water Data Maintainer Page Last Modified: 2020-09-24 08:52:55 EDT More Information: Someday, perhaps, the anglers, guides and the many businesses supported by fishermen will take their rightful place at the head of the table of Montana’s river interests. Class II waters are all other rivers and streams capable of recreational use that are not Class I waters. Originating from glacial and snow runoff, these rivers run extremely cold. Waterways can be imported from external databases or traced from aerial imagery. Anyone who has spent consistent time on the Big Hole, however, can separate marketing from reality. Privacy The Middle Fork originates in the Bob Marshall Wilderness and is perhaps the best whitewater river in Montana. This is a summary of the ways in which Montana's 1985 stream access law affects the recreational use of the state's rivers and streams and incorporates the ways the law has been interpreted by the courts in Montana. With calm paths, deep runs, gentle riffles and a healthy dose of raging rapids, Glacier Country has the full spectrum of river conditions. Introducing The Next Generation of USGS Water Data for the Nation, Customize table to display other current-condition parameters, Red Rock R bl Lima Reservoir nr Monida MT, Ruby River above reservoir near Alder, MT, Ruby River below reservoir near Alder, MT, Big Hole River ab Spring Creek nr Jackson MT, Big Hole River at Miner Creek nr Jackson MT, Big Hole River bl Big Lake Cr at Wisdom MT, Big Hole River at Maiden Rock nr Divide MT, Big Hole R bl Hamilton Ditch nr Twin Bridges, MT, Jefferson River at Parsons Bdg nr Silver Star, MT, Madison River bl Hebgen Lake nr Grayling MT, Madison River at Kirby Ranch nr Cameron MT, Madison River ab powerplant nr McAllister MT, Madison River bl Ennis Lake nr McAllister MT, Gallatin River above Deer Creek, near Big Sky, MT, E Gallatin R ab Water Reclamation Fa nr Bozeman MT, Missouri River bl Hauser Dam near Helena MT, Missouri River bl Holter Dam nr Wolf Cr MT, Two Medicine River bl South Fork nr Browning MT, Two Medicine River ab Badger Cr, nr Piegan, MT, Badger Cr bl Four Horns Canal nr Browning MT, Birch Creek at Bullhead Bridge, nr Valier, MT, Cut Bank Cr ab Gillam Coulee, nr Sundance, MT, Marias River at Highway 223 bridge near Chester,MT, Judith River above Carr Creek near Utica MT, Big Spring Cr at R&B Trading Post nr Lewistown MT, South Fork Musselshell River at Martinsdale, MT, Musselshell River ab Mud Cr nr Shawmut MT, Musselshell River ab Big Coulee Creek at Lavina MT, N F Milk River ab St. Mary canal nr Browning MT, Milk River at Eastern Crossing of Int Bndry, Rock Creek bl Horse Creek nr int'l boundary, Missouri R at W Frazer Pump Plant nr Frazer MT, Missouri R at E Frazer Pump Plant nr Frazer MT, East Poplar River at international boundary, Big Muddy Creek nr mouth nr Culbertson MT, Yellowstone River at Yellowstone Lk Outlet YNP, Soda Butte Cr at Park Bndry at Silver Gate, Shields River abv Smith Cr, nr Wilsall, MT, East Boulder River bl Dry Fork Cr nr Mcleod, MT, W Rosebud Cr at Emerald Lk Campground nr Roscoe, Clarks Fork Yellowstone River nr Belfry MT, Clarks Fork Yellowstone River at Edgar MT, Bighorn River at bridge, at St. Xavier, MT, Bighorn River at Two Leggins Bridge, near Hardin, Little Bighorn River at State Line nr Wyola MT, Bighorn River ab Tullock Cr nr Bighorn MT, Rosebud C at Reservation Bndry nr Kirby MT, Rosebud C Bel Lame Deer C nr Lame Deer MT, Tongue River at Tongue R Dam nr Decker MT, Tongue R at Birney Day School Br nr Birney MT, Tongue R bl Brandenberg bridge nr Ashland MT, Blacktail Creek above Grove Gulch, at Butte, MT, Silver Bow Creek at Montana Street, at Butte, MT, Silver Bow Cr bl Blacktail Cr, at Butte, MT, Clark Fork ab Little Blackfoot R nr Garrison MT, Bitterroot River at Bell Crossing nr Victor MT, Flathead River at Flathead British Columbia, Hallowat Creek abv Kletomus Creek, near Olney, MT, Big Creek below Lookout Creek, near Apgar, MT, Snyder Creek nr mouth, nr West Glacier, MT, S F Flathead R ab Twin C nr Hungry Horse MT, Stillwater River at Lawrence Park, at Kalispell, Flathead River at Foys Bend nr Kalispell MT, Mission Creek ab reservoir nr St. Ignatius MT, Libby Wetland Site bl Schrieber Lake nr Libby, MT, Swiftcurrent Cr ab Swiftcurrent Lk at Many Glacier, St. Mary Canal at St. Mary Crossing near Babb MT.