There were 26,578 crimes reported in Delaware in 2018, the most recent year crime data is available. The newspaper partnered with USA TODAY and the Associated Press to analyze shooting statistics covering a 3½-year period through June of this year from the Gun Violence Archive, a nonprofit that compiles law enforcement and news media reports. Police leaders learned how to wipe out open-air drug markets, and late in Baker's 12-year tenure, the police department began using the approach suggested by Kennedy. Even in a state with an exceptionally low crime rate, there is often at least one area where crime rates exceed the nation. "Sun up, sun down. Delaware's leaders liked the CDC plan. The largest increase was in Alaska, where crime rose by 19.0% between 2013 and 2018. Therion Reese, 22; Isaiah Baird, 19, Dai'yann Wharton, 18; and Benjamin Smith, 19; were all charged with first-degree murder and weapons offenses. Source: Bartosz Luczak / Getty Images 1. “Nature abhors a vacuum.”. Every other day it's a murder. And she has no answers about how the boys ended up being charged as part of a violent city street gang. In Delaware, violent crimes account for 15% of total crimes, versus 15% nationwide. The city with the highest total crime rate in Delaware is Wilmington, with a crime rate of 6,466 per 100,000 residents. State prosecutors used these social media postings, commemorative pins and criminal acts to link 29 teens and young men from different New Castle County schools and city blocks to the Only My Brothers gang, charging all in a sweeping indictment with gang participation and other crimes. 888-389-2987. “It takes a lot to grab a gun and blow somebody’s head off, let alone having a 14-, 15-year-old have that kind of rage,” Shabazz said. “They speak of it like there are trolls under the bridge,” he said, adding that when he drives kids home from basketball tournaments they often duck for fear of being seen — or shot — in rival neighborhoods. During just the first half of 2017, 108 people were shot. No one says anything because telling authorities about shootings they’ve witnessed — including those in broad daylight — could make them a target in a city of 72,000 people. Are you gonna get robbed today?" In 2004, the city experienced 97 shootings in what then-Mayor James Baker labeled "self-inflicted genocide.". Today a list of the 20 Most Dangerous States was published and Delaware came in at number 12. this after it came out in the paper this weekend that some guy was found slumped in his car in Bear.... which we thought was a great area. Terms of Use. Grubb, chief New Castle County prosecutor, countered that parents aren’t always aware of what their teens are doing. The Safest and Most Dangerous Cities In Delaware - 2018 Ranking! But the number of shootings continue to rise. Crime skyrocketed between 1960 and 1980, with the crime rate more than tripling in just 20 years from 1,887 crimes per 100,000 Americans to 5,950 crimes per 100,000 Americans. A News Journal reporter met with Na-Quan at the Howard R. Young Correctional Institution in April. Occasionally, she would take them to Disney World and on other trips to show them life outside Delaware. Prosecutors submitted at least 83 pages full of social media postings and photos into court evidence to support their claims that these young men, linked together by Wingo's death and other acts, were toting high-powered guns and brazenly showing them off online.