If you need to leave MotionX-GPS during the download it will automatically pause and resume when you return to MotionX-GPS. Where can I view the maps I’ve downloaded, and how do I know they will be available without a data connection? You can view an overview of a specific map set you’ve downloaded from Menu>Setup>Map Downloads. There are two options to export waypoints and tracks. We realize MotionX-GPS and GPS-HD have a large following but those who already own the app(s) will be able to continue using it. Some users have experienced trouble getting past the terms and conditions page of MotionX-GPS … Are jail-broken iPhones compatible with MotionX-GPS? All rights reserved. After you file a report with the proper authority or organization (e.g. Copyright 2020 AppAdvice LLC. Got my car from drive time. From your Mac or PC, email the gpx file to gpsimport@motionx.com, 2. Focus on getting your finances in order, and once you see your score start to rise it’ll become habit for you as well. I tried to and it asked for an access pin. Ensure your iPhone™ has a clear view … more, We would very much like to add a satellite status page with satellite position and signal strength, however the iPhone™ API does not provide this information. We're here to help you get the most out of MotionX-GPS, Broadcast your position using Auto Live Updates. Cellular coverage is not needed to acquire a signal, however the signal acquisition will be much … more, You can use Google Maps to view your track by emailing the track to yourself, then you can view the track in Google Maps by either clicking the live link embedded in the email, which will be active for 7 … more. It is Just use the MotionX-Road, MotionX-Terrain, or NOAA maps while using the MotionX-GPS app. Get approved online in 2 minutes or less and know your down payment before you shop! Thank you very much for being a valued DriveTime Customer! TabletMonsters.com posted a video showing what appeared to … more, Please submit your question to MotionX using the Send Feedback form.… more, Yes, the iPhone can still receive GPS data in Airplane Mode for all iOS devices running iOS 8.3 or later. 3. Map caching works automatically in the background. Fullpower®, MotionX®, TapTap®, ShakeShake®, TwistTwist®, and Sleeptracker® are registered trademarks of Fullpower Technologies, Inc. 877-298-0673. We would encourage any customer who may currently be experiencing a failure to the unit to reach out to the Motion GPS department at (877) 560-9156 to determine the next steps for resolution. Why does the compass seem to work only when I’m moving? Some users have experienced trouble getting past the terms and conditions page of MotionX-GPS with jail-broken … more. The date of expiration is in the email. What file types can I import into MotionX-GPS? I don’t see my question in this FAQ page, how do I contact your support team? Silver Rock warranty is the worst service I have ever gotten. Can I listen to my iPod® music while I’m using MotionX-GPS? Are maps cached for all zoom levels or only the zoom level I’m currently viewing? Required fields are marked *, Please SelectCurrent Customer Joining our newsletter means that you're super smart and you want to be smarter. Illinois law dean and professor Vikram David Amar reflects on three writings by the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg that he finds himself most drawn to. To receive the best possible GPS signal make sure your screen is facing out in your armband. From the map view, use the TapTap tool to open the waypoint option dialogue. There currently aren’t any hard file size constraints imposed on the imported GPX files, the restriction is the amount of free RAM on your iPhone. The Motion GPS customer service team can be reached at (877) 560-9156. If in the horizontal position, it is best to have … more, Apple® shuts down all third party apps when a call comes in. Bring real-time vehicle connectivity to the palm of your hand by turning your smartphone into a handy vehicle assistant with the simple, easy to use MotionGPS.Whether you’re looking for a way to locate your vehicle’s exact position, be notified if the vehicle is driven into or out of a geo-graphical location or simply alerted to a low-battery or excessive speeding, the MotionGPS application is your personal vehicle helper.MotionGPS enables the following features directly to your smartphone: * Locate your vehicle on demand and display in real-time * Track your vehicle across the country * Locate where you parked * Know where your car is at all timesSet a GeoFence and QuickFence: * Alerts you if someone takes your vehicle outside of a selected area * Alerts you when someone arrives safely at their destinationSet alerts and notifications for: * Vehicle speed * Low battery/voltageYour vehicle information—critical information to have if your vehicle is ever stolen: * Year, make and model * Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) * Battery level/Voltage indicatorView vehicle history of: * Trips * Locations.