~ Interview w/Rat Pack (Dibiase, Duggan & Borne) ● Junkyard Dog vs. Boris Zhurkov The trademark white mask, white trunks and white boots spoke volumes about the man. ● Louisiana Champion Jim Duggan vs. Tiger Conway Jr. ● King Kong Bundy vs. Tom Jones "We were a good team. Walker, who played the role of heel early in his career, then donned a mask and became Mr. Wrestling II, and the change of identity made him a main-event talent. ● Magnum TA vs. Tom Lintz Junkyard Dog & Jim Duggan (subbing for Dick Murdoch) ~ Additional matches from Tulsa, OK in highlight form on this show include ~ Butch Reed paints King Cobra yellow ~ Interviews w/Dibiase & Borne/Atlas & Andre Champagnerdusche. Promoter: Bill Watts, (Below are match listings for the complete year of 1983 from the Mid-South Wrestling television network. ~ Interviews w/Volkoff/Dusty (Volkoff/Dusty brawl) ● Krusher Darsow vs. Doug Vines Subscribe. Missing Link ● Tito Santana vs. Rip Rogers frei verfügbar. ~ Interviews w/Reed & Akbar/Link & Akbar/Andre ● Mr. Wrestling II vs. Rip Rogers, Mid-South Wrestling 7/28/83 ● Magnum TA & George Weingeroff vs. Boris Zhurkov & Doug Vines, Mid-South Wrestling 9/15/83 ● Magnum TA vs. Frank Lavert ● North American Champion Butch Reed vs. John "Johnny" Walker (September 10, 1934 - June 10, 2020) better known as Mr. Wrestling II, is considered by many to be the most accomplished masked babyface American professional wrestler. ● Junkyard Dog vs. Sonny Rogers (“Black Ninja” Kendo Nagasaki debuts) ● Tim Horner vs. Tony Zane, Mid-South Wrestling 4/21/83 Death” Steve Williams vs. Boris Zhurkov & Rip Rogers ● Tag Champions Ted Dibiase & Mr. Olympia vs. Art Crews & Jerry Caldwell ● King Kong Bundy vs. Kelly Kiniski ● King Kong Bundy & Missing Link vs. Art Crews & Mike Bond ● Tag Champions Mr. Wrestling II & Tiger Conway Jr. vs. Ted Dibiase & Mr. Olympia (Titles vs. $25,000, Title Change) ● Missing Link vs. Ken Johnson ~ Interviews w/Tiger Conway/Akbar At the time I was wrestling as the Grappler," Walker recalled. ~ Clip of Kamala slamming Andre the Giant ● Butch Reed vs. King Kong Bundy ● North American Champion Junkyard Dog vs. Tonga (The Barbarian) ● Mr. Olympia vs. Tim Horner Thema Sport über Social Media-Kanäle erfolgen ● Krusher Darsow vs. George Weingeroff ● Tito Santana vs. Kendo Nagasaki (2nd Round) One of his most embarrassing moments happened during an interview segment with Solie. Walker was named Most Popular Wrestler by several pro wrestling … finanziert. ● Magnum TA & “Dr. ● Jim Duggan vs. Ted Dibiase (No DQ Match, Road Warriors & JYD interfere), Mid-South Wrestling 10/13/83 ● Tony Atlas vs. Tugboat Taylor, Mid-South Wrestling 1/27/83 Nach dem Ausschalten des Adblockers muss ● Nikolai Volkoff vs. King Cobra ● Iceman Parsons (Debut) vs. Tom Stanton ● AWA Champion Nick Bockwinkel vs. ● Great Kabuki (w/Gary Hart) vs. Tim Horner ~ Lanny Poffo Video "We wrestled for 52 minutes, back and forth, I'd take him down, he would counter and so on and so forth. Their three sons are grown and, after being on the road and living out of a suitcase for so many years, Walker has no intentions of going anywhere. Sein größtes Karriere-Hoch erlebte er 2013 nach dem Neustart mit verändertem Namen, in dem seine berühmten Vorfahren anklangen. ● Kendo Nagasaki vs. Ron Ellis The Greatest Tag Team Of All Time Tournament Bracket 4 . ● Junkyard Dog & Mr. Wrestling II vs. Marty Lunde (Arn Anderson) & Don Bass (Dibiase & Borne come in) Death” Steve Williams vs. Tom Renesto Jr. ● Buddy Landell & Joe Stark vs. Sonny Rogers & Tom Renesto Jr. ● King Kong Bundy vs. Art Crews Du aufgrund von technischen Problemen dieses ● Nikolai Volkoff vs. Joshua Stroud ● King Kong Bundy & Boris Zhurkov vs. Tim Horner & Bill Rathke This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. In 1 collection by jbravos20032003. ~ JYD is made an honorary colonel of the government staff of New Orleans, LA. ● Kamala vs. Mike Sharpe (from Houston) Olympia confrontation, II believes it is Olympia who has been playing mind games and threatening MW2) 84 items. 4 days ago. ● North American Champion Butch Reed vs. Jim Duggan (from 7/16/83 Superdome) ● Boris Zhurkov vs. George Weingeroff (Volkoff attacks Zhurkov) Authority Kane was a really nice thought out spin on Kane's character and is arguably better than Kane from 1997. NWA Collection. if you support me please turn off adblock thanks guys :peace: lol