Being the developer and the vending machine manufacturer, we offer flexible solutions either for buy, lease or rent. Maximum capacity (according to the size of the items): 640 -840 items. Efficiently Track Inventory And Reduce Equipment Wastage. Industrial vending machines for PPE, Tools, MRO, Medical, IT Equipment, and office supplies Industrial-Vending Industrial-Vending. At CribMaster, we are dedicated to making progress easier to manage. Indirect materials >. Vending Machine Spare Parts For Sale. Join our mailing list for updates on vending, safety products, bearings and much more. SupplyBay™ is engineered for harsh industrial environments to deliver reliable, high-volume dispenses. Vending machines come in all shape and sizes. If Google Analytics is deployed via Google Tag Manager, this cookie will be named dc_gtm_. Graybar SmartStock Vending inventory management service solutions can help address these and other MRO, OEM and jobsite product concerns. Consumables are difficult to keep track of. Target application:  gloves, safety glasses, hearing protection,  knee pads,  lanyards, sealers and adhesives. Its custom design lets you configure each system to meet your facility requirements. All of our products are customisable, scalable and configurable. Motion Industries specializes in the MRO and OEM markets through a network of more than 550 locations across North America. Instant access to essential MRO equipment, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. SmartDrawer® is a flexible drawer-based storage system designed to dispense single items (or multiple items of a single SKU) under locked “smart” compartments with SecureBin™. Used vending machines of every type and for every budget for sale! See more details Vending World is a supplier of refurbished vending machines and vending machine parts. Graybar introduced VEC to Graybar SmartStock®, an electronic inventory management solution created to simplify stock management and material replenishment. Graybar SmartStock Vending inventory management service solutions can help address these and other MRO, OEM and jobsite product concerns. It records a unique identifier, making anonymous statistics compiled using the web site. From coil and locker machines for industrial supplies to tool crib tracking management, our patented software technology allows you to make well-informed inventory decisions based on product use and history. However, vending has made its way into the OEM space as well. DiVal Vending Solutions: Vending Machines for Sale or Lease; Vending Machine Options that Include Bays, Lockers, Cabinets and Drawers New refrigeration decks to suit AP Ultraflex Combo vending machines ... Never been used, Normally $1200 + GSTON SALE NOW for $550 (GST inclusive). How much money are you losing from stock-outs, shrinkage, and hoarding? And are you able to easily adjust your inventory based on real-time data? By collecting user-level behavioural data, these cookies allow us to display relevant offers to our visitors. Our website uses cookies to run the website, enhance user experience and monitor website activities. Inventory vending solutions have been proven to increase productivity in the workplace, while reducing use and expenses by 20-30%. Point-of-use vending started with mainly MRO and safety products. 8000 Székesfehérvár Our industry-leading software suite provides a full stack of inventory management capabilities that will give you more control and better understanding of the usage and status of your supplies, with industrial-grade and highly-customizable vending machines delivering inventory efficiently at point-of-use.