Shortly after the IP question (I think after), she found another that didn't say MVIS, so she read it out. As To my mind it was almost a tactic admission that the two parties are sitting across the table from each other as we speak. Apple typically issues boilerplate: 'We do not discuss our acquisition plans.' business justifies the price,”. (and how much will someone pay for those earnings?). Jobs was also annoyed, and it She handed off the question to another panelist and he gruffly said we're not going to talk about that today. MicroVision enables the key component. Strategically you can see MSFT using the technology to give AAPL and GOOG a run for their money so the very tight secrecy. computers, and Apple out to license his Microsoft software. That is us.". $MVIS, Press J to jump to the feed. Lots of guesswork  (I'm admitting it, the best we can get is a SWAG. display projection" has the following companies citing it (other than and there is no blink reflex for infrared light.). Adjusting the Refresh rate (scans per second) changes the effective range (Using all the pixels of that standard resolution.) ultra-miniature sensing and projection solution based on the company's There is nothing better yet on the horizon that looks like it will be serviceable. expanding. Yes or No!! You can count hairs on people with that. A lot of people have been e-mailing, texting, calling, etc. Would be nice if they could reap something for the effort they put into the laser design change for DO and ID customers. Thanks to S2upid posting in the r/MVIS reddit board. lane. At present, the platform has been adopted by TomTom, LG, Volkswagen and other companies. Maybe our saving grace!!! (Original title: Microsoft acquires laser sensor company MicroVision to deepen vehicle technology layout), The Definitive Proof We have been waiting for. Most of the company's long existence has been spent perfecting and maturing the technology to the point where it can be commercialized. Everything between MSFT and MVIS has been hush hush for a long long time. Lane Departure Warning and Lane Keep Assist. This is now a hurdle that MicroVision has cleared. component purchase agreement that we aim to complete this quarter for. As the statement is clearly material and detrimental to the valuation and share price of another publicly traded company, it requires an immediate public correction. The fact that MVIS is a debt free independent business means they can work for whoever they like. While Microvision is prevented by non-disclosure agreements from publicly stating that its IP is in Hololens 2, this fact has been demonstrated by an independent public research project conducted by members of a reddit forum ( created by a small number of retail Microvision shareholders. Alison Fehling: "Who owns the IP for the Hololens 2? Wondering if the laser class change would have any effect on embeded phone displays catching on. But I'm sure there is considerable interest in the technology this little company has created.