I disagree. That's not nothing, but it doesn't add hundreds of millions to the purchase price offer either. In our opinion, $7.5 billion is a steep price for a video game publisher, but it’s a drop in the bucket for $1.67 trillion Microsoft and its $136 billion war chest. MicroVision, Inc. (NASDAQ: MVIS) is making a run for the top in the market this morning, trading on gains of around 5%. $MVIS, Press J to jump to the feed. I would hazard a guess that we could get at least 1/2 that. BTW, if there is any scuttlebutt about buyout, that alone should move the price higher. Microsoft (MSFT) currently using MicroVision (MVIS) Technology in HoloLens. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Someone trying to steal it before revenue ramp. I myself think of FaceBooks purchase of Occulus Rift. That would be near the billion mark. Especially coming from the biggest pumper of MVIS. Microsoft’s decision to acquire MicroVision follows a tumultuous week, after their stock price skyrocketed over 300% to $1.75 amid rumors of the Microsoft takeover, then tumbled over 65% in the following days after the tech firms earnings call came and went without news of a Microsoft buyout. MVIS Stock Is Centered In Takeover Chatter While no news has been released, as I pointed out in an article yesterday about Microvision, the gains seem to be the result of takeover chatter. However, the gains are shocking to many as the company hasn’t issued any news. I think tax losses for the entity that is acquiring MVIS assets play a very important part of determining the price of the deal. They would be paying them for the potential of patent portfolio. Tension is mounting ahead of MVIS's earnings report due out on Thursday. They paid $2 Billion which at that time equated to $44 per share. The chatter suggests that Microsoft is interested in taking over the company, and there may be some truth to it. While there has been no news issued by the company, continued talks with regard to a potential acauisition of the company across social media seems to be fueling the run. I mean any offer. Please tell me you knew that! I would like to hear what some of you "pros" think. But, management knows what is coming fairly short term and, within six months should be able to show significantly more upside value to any suitor. ROFL, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Discussion about MicroVision Stock (MVIS) and about applications that use or may use MicroVision's technology. Even if it all does transfer, it's only worth what it saves you in taxes which is determined by the tax rate. Nonetheless, the reason for the gains is clear. I assume the purchaser would be getting the advantage of the tax loss credit at a minimum right? Absolutely Amazing! Microsoft’s Decision to Acquire MicroVision What is that at now? I say LOL at $22 a share. They are not paying them for not being able to perform. At current share count, a little over $1/share. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. BTW why wouldn’t anyone facing more dilution take $5 which is approximately 300% above the present PPS? Aren't ethics involved here? Microvision (MVIS) Stock Rockets On Takeover Chatter Microvision, Inc. (NASDAQ: MVIS) is flying in the premarket hours this morning, trading on gains of over 80%. What say you? It was a supposed copy and paste from a Seeking Alpha article on MVIS reporting SEC had put any buyout on hold because they were convinced s2upid's teardown was actually engineered by MVIS, they provided him with the unit, etc. $500MM+. This is of course ridiculous, which s2upid is prepared to prove. Friends, that is only 6-9 months away. Maybe 4-5 dollars but at this point I'm not even sure about that! If there was an offer, it was probably in the area of $5.00 IMO. Just let the company fail when they run out of dilution options. On March 31, 2020, Microvision agreed to an agreement for its April 2017 customer to take over production of the components MicroVision had been producing for the customer. Beginning in March MicroVision started earning a royalty on each component shipped that was approximately … I would say, if it were to happen within this year and before multiple revenue streams, maybe $8.00-10.00 a share. However, by early 2019, if multiple Tier 1's are onboard the price goes up by some multiple of $10.00 per share. $5 because after over twenty years of not being able to commercialize the tech, I wouldn’t pay more. However, an article by White Diamond Research, a short selling firm, designed to cause the stock to fall may have backfired on the short sellers. Much of it may not transfer and goes away. At a 21% corporate rate that's $82M. I can’t believe someone is still willing to pay them for not being able to perform! fyi ... tax carry-forwards (NOLs, R&D tax credits, etc) don't always transfer to the company M&A suitor, in full or part, in the ways you may think. Because, if they truly did turn down an offer, it was probably at some multiple of today's price. What would Mrs sturocks say? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The tech world is abuzz after Microsoft announced that it was buying Bethesda Softworks parent ZeniMax Media for $7.5B in cash. With Microsoft’s checkbook open, […] Lots of anonymous quotes and innuendo. MVIS Stock Climbs On Takeover Hopes For the past couple of months, MicroVision has been on the top of investor watchlists as chatter suggested that the company will be taken over by Microsoft.