Holmes, ever the purveyor of obscure pieces of knowledge, realizes that this must be part of a name and, learning of McCarthy's and Turner's past in Australia, determines that "ARAT" was actually the ending of "Ballarat," an Australian town. | However, on having found Moultan in church, she decided to flee with him but Holmes convinces them to reveal their marriage. GradeSaver "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Summary". James McCarthy, the son of Charles McCarthy, is accused with the murder of his father, who was found beaten to death by the Boscombe Pool, a small lake near their home on the land of James Turner, an acquaintance of Charles. During Christmas, Watson finds Holmes inspecting a hat which had been brought by an inspector after its wearer dropped it along with a goose, in a scruple with some thugs. That night, the duo along with a police officer, Jones, and a bank director, Mr. Merryweather, discover a tunnel in the basement of the bank dug up by Ross and Spaulding and catch them red-handed. He then proceeds to trace back to the farm where the goose was raised and thus, runs into Jack Ryder, the manager of the hotel where the Countess was staying, making enquiries about the same goose. They had an argument which he refuses to state the cause of. She narrates how her young stepfather would not bear her meeting people of her own age, and that he has complete control on their money. Holmes remarks that bizarre cases like this keep him entertained. She says that she is the stepdaughter of Dr. Grimesby Roylott, a quick-tempered retired doctor from a very old family, with eccentric habits like keeping wild animals and entertaining gypsies on his land. Holmes and Watson are called upon by a woman, Mary Sutherland, for the missing person case of Hosmer Angel, her fiancé. The next day, as the two friends and the King arrive at her house to look for the photograph, they find she has left already having discovered Holmes' identity. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Summary A Scandal in Bohemia "A Scandal in Bohemia" starts with Watson remembering Irene Edler and the awe she observes in the eyes of Sherlock Holmes. Holmes traces the Coronet corner and gets it back to the banker when they discover that the niece has deserted Holder. Copyright © 1999 - 2020 GradeSaver LLC. It is revealed that he stole the jewel, implicated the plumber, and in order to hide the stone dropped it in the crop of a goose in his sister’s poultry farm. The King tells Holmes of an old paramour, Irene Adler, who possess a photograph of them which she intends to use as blackmail. Holmes receives a call from a woman, Violet Hunter, asking for advice in a case in which she has been offered a position as a governess. Violet is periodically asked to wear a dress and sit at a window outside where she spots a man, at which point she is asked to wave the person away. Ms. Turner is also set to marry in some time and has to sleep in her sister’s bed given some repair work in her room, when she heard a low whistle as her sister used to before her death. She telegrams him sometime later. When they meet her, she says that the family is quite strange, her employer Jephro Rucastle is unpredictable and cunning, and his second wife is strangely sad but devoted to the family. The same night the Coronet was stolen from Holder’s bedroom safe, he caught his son red-handed but with a corner from the Coronet missing. The three lock up Mrs. Toller as her husband passes out from drinking and decide to let out Miss Rucastle while her parents are away. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes essays are academic essays for citation. However, Holmes deduces his identity as the king of Bohemia. The marriage ending of this story is also remarkable in its moral ambiguity. Openshaw also observed his uncle to have burned some papers taken from a tin with the same letters inscribed inside. Holmes deduces that the wing is occupied by Miss Rucastle who is kept by her father to avoid meeting the man outside her window, possibly her fiancé, so as to control her money. "The Five Orange Pips" Summary and Analysis, "A Case of Identity" Summary and Analysis. He noticed an unburnt margin and preserved it. Not affiliated with Harvard College. Holmes traces the perpetrators to a gang called the Ku Klux Klan who extorted money from people and that Openshaw’s uncle was once a member and had escaped with gang papers to England. Fatigued, he fainted and was carried to the station by the woman and another accomplice. Hatherley agreed and set to the place in night, where he was warned by a woman.