)Mixing: BriCie (http://bit.ly/20u9qAb)- x - x - x -LYRICS:The gentle breeze of fate slowly separates you and I...Memories I’ve never seen, somehow they make me cry...Soon the storm will pass and a rainbow will fill the air...makes ya’ think, “The sky’s so clear! You’re gone again.So just a little more, maybe just a little more…Just a little longer now…Just a little more, maybe just a little more…Let me stay with you here, forever...You and I, we’re Time Flyers! This song is sung by Radwimps. Working with her has been fantastic, and I couldn't have been blessed with a better partner.This is our Present to you.We'll see you soon~!- x - x - x -Vocals and Lyrics: Akane Sasu Sora (Hi! The duration of song is 05:44. I owe it that much. Was something ever there?”Always so cold, the painful words that my father used to saysomehow, don’t hurt me, they feel strangely warm todayI never learned to smile or dream, all they taught me was to walk along...So I did. Kimi no na wa OST - Nandemonaiya (Mitsuha's version) - YouTube I walked, I “lived”, until I heard your song!So just a little more, maybe just a little more…Just a little longer now…Just a little more, maybe just a little more…Can we stay like this, here together…?You and I, we’re Time Flyers, soaring high!We’re Time Climbers in the sky!Playin’ hide and seek with time ‘causenobody can find us!If you laugh when you mean to cry,wonder why a tear’s falling on your smileNone of your faces are truebecause your heart is beyond you...A childhood gift I loved and wished for upon a star, long ago…somewhere lies forgotten, I would barely care to know‘Cause even today, I haven’t changed, while there’s a hundred things I could want even if my every wish came true, I’m missing one...I’d never been the type to talk with a girl that I barely knowBut today, I told her “Hey, I’ll see you tomorrow!”I guess it’s alright to do or try new things every now and thenI’ll be fine, you’re by my side! That's up to you, I guess.Thank you again to BriCie for her amazing contributions to this project. \"The gentle breeze of fate slowly separates you and I...\"This is the song.Zen Zen Zense was one thing, but I wanted Nandemonaiya to be perfect. RADWIMPS - Nandemonaiya (Movie Version) (Romanized) Lyrics Futari no aida toorisugita kaze wa doko kara sabishisa wo hakonde kita no … Is it good? The opening acapella of this song makes vocal mistakes very noticable, so I knew I had to do my absolute best.I tried. Soaring high!it’s like I knew you before Iknew anybody else, before I knew myselflike, lifetimes ago!Even if someday, you would fade awayI know that the world would keep on spinning!But if that day ever came, if I said your namein a world without you there, there would be no meaningI look to the sky! is released on Aug 2016. I can feel that I’veforgotten something precious, so I reach myhand out to the air, but you’re never there...I guess I’m a Time Flyer, soaring high!I’m a Time Climber, in the sky!Playin’ hide and seek with time ‘causeI don’t remember why but...It’s fine, it’s nothin’...after all this time, it’s nothin’So for now, I’ll walk along...You and I were Time Flyers long ago!We’re not Time Climbers anymore!Got no time to seek or hide, ‘causeour hearts can’t find us!I remember a messy crierI remember then, I wanted to dry her tears but when I reached out my handshe’s not there, it’s so unfair it has to happen, and I know that!‘Cause I cry when I laugh aloud,I know why my tears fall without a sound...None of these feelings are minebecause my heart left me behind...- x - x - x -It was with you all this time.