We see a direct relationship between the pproducts we use and stewardship of the land. Announces Issuance of Stock Options to Management and Directors, Thirty-Two Associations Added to Sentry Management Portfolio of Communities in the St. Louis Missouri Area. What the DEA spelled out in black and white has always been true, “and it’s always been a lapse in the regulations and the legislation”. It provided a new statutory definition of “hemp” and amended the definition... #Repost @newfrontierdataTomorrow (9/23) at 3:00PM EST New Frontier Data will be hosting the most consequential webinar of the year! “Every single person I talked to was traumatized by it. The chapters requested financial information from the Association, which now has proposed an agreement through which those records may be obtained. The National Hemp Growers Cooperative (NHGC) connects growers from across the USA to do together what they otherwise would have to do individually. The DEA's interim ruling will directly impact the future of the CBD industry. Comprehensive list of all hemp news. More on HempTrade: Copyright © 2020 HempToday®. Coronavirus Food Assistance Program 2 for Row Crop Producers. Comment on Facebook This is "Global Hemp... 'Whaling said the USDA is the hemp industry’s ally, not its foe. Whaling highlighted the actions and accomplishment that NHA Board Members Christine Ianuzzi, Alex Seleznov and staff have undertaken, since its last AGM, on behalf of its membership to include: • Invited as Expert Keynote and Panelist at numerous USDA hosted conferences, • Testified on the IFR at 2019 US Senate Ag Committee Hearing, • First to meet with FDA and DEA to discuss hemp after the Farm Bill (August 2018), • Collaborated with USDA General Counsel to secure issuance of legal opinion on hemp post Farm Bill, • Collaborated with USDA Foreign Agricultural Services, Customs and Border Patrol and SBA, post FB, • Met with WH OBM on FDA Cannabidiol Enforcement Policy; Draft Guidance for Industry, • Met with the White House US Trade Representative on Import issues and concerns, • Supported Stakeholder Groups including American Banking Association and ELFA to advance internal policy - including addresses at annual conference and internal workshops, • Worked with Treasury to secure issuance of banking guidance on Hemp, • Worked with HHS and NIDA to advance access to plant materials for research, • Worked with NGA, NASDA, State officials and State agencies, • Formed working committees with COGR to understand and advance research, • Serve as Industry Representative on PREVENTS Committee, • Worked with Customs & Border Protection on seed importation issues, • Worked to secure Senator Schumer support of McConnell lead Hemp Farming Act of 2018. Our leadership is composed of leading international, federal, state, private industry, and government professionals throughout the sector. Brought to you by the publisher of Greenhouse Product News, The Vital Role of Hemp in the Coming Age of Abundance, Farm Bill Agreement Would Legalize Industrial Hemp, Congress Passes Farm Bill and Legalizes Hemp, Guidance For Michigan Growers On Pandemic Preparedness, University Of Vermont Offering Hemp Training For Technical Service Providers, Coalition Launches Campaign For Interstate Cannabis Commerce, Highlite Staffing Expands Into Missouri’s Marijuana Market, Gov. Sponsored by PR Return. Join the National Industrial Hemp Council and enjoy benefits like reduced pricing for upcoming events, up to date analysis of legislative and regulatory development, and the ability to ask experts through our upcoming webinars! In his remarks to attendees, Mr. Davis welcomed joining NHA’s Board and working to advance outreach and education about hemp to American farmers and industry. Most plastics produced... Aug 28, 2020 | AGRICULTURE NEWS, HEMP NEWS, NHA NEWS | 0 Comments. Our leadership is composed of leading international, federal, state, private industry, and government professionals throughout the sector. This means truth-in-labeling in this rapidly growing industry. News related to cultivation and harvesting of hemp. The National Hemp Association member benefit program provides special incentives on eligible units from July 1, 2020 through Dec. 31, 2020. It was further presented that this has resulted in the five year growth of the hemp CBD market, one that could not easily be put back in the bottle. National Hemp Association AGM Presents Positive Future, www.hempgrower.com/article/usda-reopens-comment-period-hemp-ifr/. The relationship between the two organizations continues to provide a new customer base that will allow growth and profitability […] Educating consumers is of paramount importance for NIHC. About the National Hemp Association: NHA is a non-profit corporation, based in Washington D.C. with more than 50,000 supporters and members, is dedicated to the development of the domestic hemp industry. The organization is growing to become one of the largest hemp advocacy groups in the world. For almost thirty years, the Hemp Industries Association has led the fight to legalize and establish industrial hemp as an agricultural commodity in the United States through advocacy, legal action, and education. He too touched on the recently announced equipment discount offered exclusively to NHA members that could result in savings in the thousands of dollars. Learn more about how New Holland supports the growing hemp industry by visiting www.betterhempharvest.com.