We are also told that the city attorney will begin looking into the matter on Thursday. NBC New York’s Adam Harding reports.

Those two vaccines work differently than AstraZeneca’s, and the studies already have recruited about two-thirds of the needed volunteers. That lawsuit, which comes as the city lauds its outdoor dining program with 10,000 participants, was filed the same day New Jersey announced plans to resume indoor dining. A restaurant on the Upper West Side has customers dining inside bubbles on the sidewalk, as the city heads in colder weather months and leaving the fate of outdoor dining uncertain. 160,000 still out of jobs in restaurants, so we gotta get this quickly.".

“And so that’s a very tricky one.

Phil Murphy reminded New Jersey residents Friday that the guidelines aren't voluntary. It was the day that many restaurant owners in New Jersey had been waiting for, but for some, it didn’t get off to the start they were hoping for, leaving them nervous. Yet the data also shows the economic impact has been staggering. Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer, a member of the governor's recovery task force, said Friday that there is fresh momentum to get indoor dining back sooner rather than later. we have no choice,” said Alex Raei, Owner of La Bonita’s Mexican Restaurant. Cuomo doubled down on his repeat complaint that New York City is not sufficiently enforcing compliance, Reel Life: As Movies Reopen, Projectionist Looks Back at Nearly 50 Years in the Booth.

“This is deadly stuff,” the president repeated for emphasis. Raei says he has applied for a patio permit to allow extra tables to be placed outside but has yet to hear from the city. This is all part of the city's new outdoor “al fresco” dining in the street pilot program.

But before the end of the day, city code enforcement stepped in. “I think everybody is tired of just eating at home, cooking at home. If the city’s infection rate hits 2 percent over a seven-day rolling period (it hasn’t done that since June),... Indoor dining will resume in New York City later this month with a number of safety protocols in place. The question is how.". Cuomo said the state could halt indoor dining if infection rates go up, but if it remains steady, Cuomo said more restrictions could be lifted on indoor dining on Nov. 1.

Many customers at The Graham are often late night workers from the restaurant industry or even MTA workers looking for food after midnight — all whom would be out of luck for late night grub under the governor’s restrictions on hours of operations.

The company gave no details on the illness, but Collins said it involved a “spinal problem.”. New York City restaurants will be allowed to resume indoor dining on Sept. 30 with an extensive set of rules, Gov. The day is finally here to start indoor dining in New Jersey, Brian Thompson reports.

Trump's recorded remarks were shared with CNN and broadcast on MSNBC on Wednesday. “March and April are the busiest months and that’s when it hit and started for us, those months my sales went down 92%,” added Raei. Restaurant groups insist that people's livelihoods are at stake. The city has reported similarly low transmission rates over the last month or so.

Receive a weekly email with the most relevant and viral of what you have to know. The NYC Council approved legislation Wednesday that would add up to a 10 percent “COVID-19 Recovery Charge” on a customer’s total bill. Receive a weekly email with the most relevant and viral of what you have to know. “There are about five or six families that depend on us, that work for us, that help us,” explained Amy Raei, Co-owner of La Bonita’s Mexican Restaurant. But Raei insisted he’s not breaking any laws, “This is a mandate, not a law, I’m not breaking any laws,” said Raei.

“I love our country and I don’t want people to be frightened. "The clock is ticking. Outdoor dining on Palm Canyon Drive begins Friday, Sept. 4th. But before the end of the day, city code enforcement stepped in. I don’t want to create panic as you say.”.