Never be afraid to back yourself when trying new things, just always make sure you have 3 escape routes if things go wrong. Hi, On 24 October I was connected to the HFC flavour of NBN. The internet is up again. getting grief three months now and counting, speed reduction every day. I rang TPG and they are organising a technician but I can't be home for them due to work. Well I'm glad to hear things have returned to normal. Yeah I have the basic data pack but don't use it. Status site claims to be no outage in my area (Quakers Hill, 2763) We have located an account using your community details, but we'd like to make sure if we got the right one. o Make sure the coaxial cable between your NBN connection box and wall outlet is in good conditions. My home internet went down at around 9am today (7hrs ago) and hasn't come back since. That's not normal and yes they should all be solid green. Hi there, .All of a sudden my NBN box only has two lights on the power and the downstream (second one) is flashing. If something does come up, you're welcome to reach out to us here. However, when I called up, apparently there was an outage in our street since that morning. No ONLINE light and UPSTREAM flashing, Re: No internet. If you have an HFC nbn connection, the lights on your box will look like this: When it starts up, each light should flash as the nbn Connection Box connects to the nbn network. ISP Representative reference: … New NBN install - upstream light flashing I had my HCF NBN installed last Thursday.

This light will flash during data transfer. you have lost a loyal customer of ten years. No internet connection. so paying for home phone mobile nbn and 50 speed. Either way if its not resolve pretty soon I'd ring back and mention the possible outage and the flashing lights (not normal in the NBN Modem) and ask what is going on and when will it be fixed. With the downstream light flashing, that says to me it's not seen the signal / beacon from the head end (When downstream should go solid), so it doesn't know what channels it can talk on to find the head end and get provisioned. There's no additional information yet and they haven't provided an Estimated Time of Restoration (ETR) still. You have little idea how people are suffering. four lights on the front of the nbn ... Downstream/Upstream lights will flash. Your connection is currently affected by an NBN outage. Nonetheless, I have this issue escalated to our Monitoring Team. It appears that this is affecting 131 customers in total. The ONLINE light is off. Thinking about it, its also possible the Optus guys just tested the internet and not the phone connection. NBNCo just raised a ticket pertaining to the said outage at 11:08PM AEST. New NBN install - upstream light flashing, Re: New NBN install - upstream light flashing. Once … Now I have no idea when he will be back, and there is no chance of getting through on the phones at the moment. No action is needed - simply wait for the update to complete. Yes that's right, the lights on the NBN box are behaving like that. You still get a 12Mbps internet connection (but you might just not be using it). Should you require further assistance, please let us know. Streaming (Netflix, Stan, Foxtel Now, Binge). Before attempting the troubleshooting steps, TPG recommends that you: Connect your computer directly to your TPG supplied wireless modem using an Ethernet cable to eliminate wireless networking problem. Wait for setup to complete (up to 20 minutes). Is this normal? If you are still unable to access the Internet, please contact our Technical Support team on 13 14 23 and indicate which of the troubleshooting steps you have completed. On the modem the Power and Downstream leds are solid green, Upstream is flashing … We are glad that the outage has been fixed and your service is back to normal. To answer your question the lights in the NBN box would usually be solid green if all was working. 0 Kudos Reply. Connection Light None The device isn’t connected to the nbn™access network equipment outside your home. It wasn't working when the technician left. If all of the indicator lights on your NBN router are off , this means the device is not getting any power or malfunctioning. The Optus tech on the phone said this is normal, but I read somewhere else all the lights should be green and not flashing.