Optus HFC cable network was found to be close to collapse and will be dismantled. He was a great help and I have no problem in recommending him. Even my son, who only expects the best, was impressed. Is HFC no longer being used? Good news! I must explain ,I am only speaking about wireless . Jason works to a quality and customer satisfaction level that exceeds other trades people. Is it in advanced settings on as you suggested previously? My Mum and Dad were over the moon with the work Jason did at their home today. I'm not sure where you get "upgrade all HFC connections to at least the higher FTTC level in a few years" from? Would very much recommend! This socket should have your NBN data on it. FTTP vs. FTTC vs. FTTN vs. FTTB vs. HFC – NBN WHAT THE HELL?! This is becoming an increasing problem as more people migrate over to NBN. Thank you for all your help but do hope you continue to humour me in answering more. is HFC inferior to FTTN? 3) The Liberal Government made the call to use the existing HFC network for the NBN (The Multi Tecnoly MIx or MTM). Prior to SECURE A COM coming out onsite, my ADSL 2+ was connecting at 256Kb/s downstream. I can thoroughly recommend Secure a com. We really appreciate your service to SSNA. Thank you. If the dropouts are based on your line in (HFC) then a NBN technician should be able to improve that. After 2 months of arguing with providers it appears Telstra has finally admitted there is a fault between my unit and the exchange. When it comes to the rollout costs, FTTC will be cheaper due to the ease of upgrading the connection, and the reduced amount of copper infrastructure required. What do you suggest i do Apart from buying my own modem or bridging modems? As I already hav ... Hi,I have been a very happy Telstra Bigpond customer for many years. Jason has installed data cabling for me in the past and recently solved another issue with our internet connection. The Telstra HFC network (now NBN) is being upgraded and that's what many will get. If you have been connected to Optus cable phone and internet in the past and are moving over to NBN FTTC or FTTN service there may be a few things you will need to consider if you plug your new FTTC Network Connection Device into your socket and nothing happens. He very quickly found the fault on my mother's phone line, which two Telstra technicians/contractors could not find, and rectified the fault straight away. NBN Phone for NBN HFC and FTTC Features Guide. Jason from Secure A Com could not believe where the previous tech had installed the service and not only did he move it for us, he rectified our internet issues and our phone service. That's never been promised. A former highly skilled Telstra technician, Jason has wealth of knowledge and he understands the frustrations of both residential and business users. Highly recommend Secure A Com, not only was Jason very helpful in installing our cables he was also able to quickly troubleshoot our faulty internet cables, Great service, they provided me with a lot of advice prior to the job, arrived right on time, extremely friendly and very proffesional. After dealing with my service provider for weeks & weeks & still getting no where, it was such a pleasant experience to work with Secure A Com. Thank you. Time for another upgrade. Also, had an NBN tech over at my place installing another ntd. We can you your new FTTC service working in no time. Great company to deal with. You may have heard that FTTC or Fibre to the Curb technology will be replacing HFC connections. I required the NBN connection to be moved from the front of the house to the office in the back room upstairs. nbn™ Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) has been used in your connection to the broadband access network. Technology wise its FTTP => FTTC => HFC => FTTN => Wireless. So i hope i have summarised as best i could what my beef is. Recently NBN.co CEO announce the switch to FTTC to lower costs as many consumers have been unhappy with speed vs costs produced under the new ISP plans. Is this normal for this site? His phone number is definitely in my list of contacts. I could not fault broadband cable nor Optus then. Reply to me re my issue of late.