Holly: What: BroyHill Leadership Conference 2018. 0 Holly is using Smore newsletters DANICA. Letter from the Vice President of Student Affairs & Dean of Students The Bentley Core Values The Bentley Core Values in Action Disclaimer 14 Photography Safety and Security 15 Fire Safety Violations Fire Alarms Fire Drills ID Cards Academic Programs, Policies & Procedures 16 Return to Studies After an Absence of Five Years or More *���ɲ≿�r�j�3��1^�Dj&j��,�F"v)�7�\�N�ީ�x�n��g�֤K���ߝτ���"-f��v� Y��z7�y���6�E��Er�\���%o"��׵:�a�S^l�w*7�STD�X�����!n�Wf]�� � E�}�� `�LԐ;V�潍K�������$���K�#�U)���\ See deadlines below: To find out more information and register visit www.broyhill-leadership.org, FOURTH CIRCUIT SPONSORS 2018 HIGH SCHOOL ESSAY CONTEST. NEAAAT student, Pablo Armijo (son of NEAAAT High School Spanish teacher, Lelani Armijo), participated in the Summer 2019 SVSM. At Meredith College, we believe it is helpful for high school women to have the opportunity to explore what college life is “really like.”. Build relationships with coaches and students for academic and social success. McKinney-Vento State Coordinator of the Year Award, The Sandra Neese Lifetime Achievement Award, Eliminates the requirement for DPI to adjust initial allotments for the actual best 1 of 2 ADM, Allocation transfers for new and growing charter schools will be made, therefore the result for LEAs would be the initial allotments less the charter school transfers, Increases the cap for the 2 virtual charter schools by 3,800 students, Requires principal salaries to be determined based on the 2019-20 ADM for principal pay as of January 1, 2021, Temporary flexibility for transportation allocation, Allows LEAs to use funds provided from the transportation allotment (PRC056) for school nutrition, childcare, sanitizing schools and buses, in-person instruction, and remote instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic, NWEA MAP (utilizing Growth plus Reading Fluency), Edmentum—Exact Path Individualized Learning Solution (. Program webinars for beginning teacher coordinators, yearly Beginning Teacher Support collaborative meetings, annual Peer Reviews with critical friends, and continuous professional development allow each stakeholder to stay abreast of current policy while building networks and professional relationships. x�cbd`�g`b``8 "Yv��. Credit by Demonstrated Mastery (GCS-M-001.8) allows students to earn course credit in a manner that does not require specific seat-time requirements. Thanks! If you have any questions or feedback, please contact angel.batts@dpi.nc.gov. The DPI website has been redesigned and the search function is very helpful. NEAAAT Student Participants: Pablo Armijo, Caitlin Weidenfeld, Ahmya Rivera, Erin Wooten, Hailee Williamson, Skyler Schultz, Drue Wolf, and Logan Weeks, NEAAAT Students Hailee Williamson and Drue Wolf on Team Screwtops at the National Flight Academy Summer 2019.