It’s fronted by the company’s chat-based application, which delivers whatever the user needs. Curai’s platform uses AI and machine learning to automate every part of the process. But even modest success could bring huge gains to people’s well-being when one considers that more than half of the world’s population has no access to essential health services, and nearly half of the 400,000 deaths a year attributed to incorrect diagnoses are considered preventable. Check out the Speaking Of, Founder’s Mission with Neal Khosla, CEO and Founder of Curai. With healthcare in the spotlight, there is more momentum than ever to bring more efficiency, accessibility and scale to the industry. Check out the Speaking Of, Founder’s Mission with Neal Khosla, CEO and Founder of Curai. For its diagnostic models, the company trained a model on 400,000 simulated medical cases using a CNN. NVIDIA websites use cookies to deliver and improve the website experience. I really loved this interview and the mission of Curai and Neal personally. In the second half of the interview Neal shares more about his personal reasons for founding Curai, and what the mission means to him and his team. Copyright © 2020 NVIDIA Corporation, Explore our regional blogs and other social networks, ARCHITECTURE, ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION, Modeled Behavior: dSPACE Introduces High-Fidelity Vehicle Dynamics Simulation on NVIDIA DRIVE Sim, Inception: Exploring the AI Startup Ecosystem with NVIDIA’s Jeff Herbst, Surfing Gravity’s Waves: HPC+AI Hang a Cosmic Ten, AI Scorekeeper: Scotiabank Sharpens the Pencil in Credit Risk, NVIDIA and Oracle Advance AI in Cloud for Enterprises Globally. “Our approach is to meticulously and carefully log and record data about what the practitioners are doing so we can train models that learn from them,” said Amatriain, chief technology officer at Curai. The scope of their challenge — transforming how medical care is accessed and delivered — is daunting. Change ). See our cookie policy for further details on how we use cookies and how to change your cookie settings. For its dermatology image classification, Curai initialized a 50-layer convolutional neural network with 23,000 images. They’re an inspiring group! “We make sure that everything we implement in our platform is designed to improve our ‘learning loop’ – our ability to generate training data that improves our algorithms over time.”. Neal has 10 jobs listed on their profile. Curai’s main areas of AI focus have been natural language processing (for extracting data from medical conversations), medical reasoning (for providing diagnosis and treatment recommendations) and image processing and classification (largely for dermatology images uploaded by patients). ( Log Out /  A few years ago, the young engineer began pursuing similar techniques to improve medical decision-making. Neal Khosla. They’re working to improve patient care access, efficiency, and efficacy. “The accessibility of Google is the level of accessibility we need.”. Check out the Speaking Of, Founder’s Mission with Neal Khosla, CEO and Founder of Curai. They’re working to improve patient care access, efficiency, and efficacy. The app also supports providers by offering diagnostic and treatment suggestions based on Curai’s ever improving algorithms. Engaging conversations with leaders & rising stars in tech, business, and the community. Finally, it trained a class of neural network known as a multilayer perceptron using electronic health records from nearly 80,000 patients. As a child, Neal Khosla became engrossed by the Oakland Athletics baseball team’s “Moneyball” approach of using data analytics to uncover the value and potential of the sport’s players. Curai plans to finalize its go-to-market strategy over the coming months, and is currently focused on continued training of text- and image-based models, which are good fits for a chat setting. View Neal Khosla’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. The company is a premier member of NVIDIA Inception, a program that enables companies working in AI and data science with fundamental tools, expertise and marketing support to help them get to market faster., (Video) Speaking Of – Interview Preview and Puppy Shenanigans, (Video) Speaking Of, Founder’s Mission: Curai (Neal Khosla), (Video) Interview Preview and Robo-Political Texts.